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Mod Type:: Script

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Base:: AOSP

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Unlocked GSM

Optional:: Overclocked

Requires Root:: Yes

Optional:: Custom Settings

Android Version:: 4.0.3 (ICS)

LeanKernelTweaks v16.0
This is just an attempt to be more organized with my updates etc. and should reduce the "Where can I download this?" posts/clutter in Imoseyon's kernel thread. THIS IS ONLY FOR IMOSEYON'S LEAN KERNEL FOR NOW. If enough people request it, I'll make a version for other kernels too.

This will work with stable or exp versions of Imo's kernel and is compatible with every current and future build of LeanKernel.


-Added jakebites preset optimal settings to the main menu

This will set the following at boot:

-CPU MHz: 350 Min, 1350 Max
-Interactive Gov w/ Touch Input Boost Enabled
-Temp Control Set To: 75000
-GPU MHz: 384
-Preset Smart Reflex Tuning
-Ezeekel's Color Offset Tuning
-HQ Sound Playback Enabled
-Aggressive Minfree Mod Enabled
-Remove Logcat Mod Enabled

-Added aggressive preset smart reflex tuning option to the smart reflex tuning menu
-Reverted to deadline scheduler as the stock option
-Fixed one of the checks not working
-Fixed a couple of typos
-Moved some old changelogs to reduce OP size

-Fixed a few typos and bugfixes, nothing new in this build

-Added disable logger at boot mod
-Added input_boost and hispeed_freq advanced settings when setting a max frequency value
-Changed go_hispeed_load to stock JB value which is 50
-Fixed a few typos
[background=rgb(245, 245, 245)]-[/background]Most[background=rgb(245, 245, 245)] things work with JB [/background]

-Fixed all known bugs with start up color tweaks
-Added screen on scheduler tweaks
-Added preset smart reflex tweaks (adding more to this later)

>>Old Changelogs<<
>>Old Changelogs<<

Please note that the 180, 230 and 1420 slots are not stable on every phone to begin with. Undervolting these slots will NOT be stable on every device.

Preset voltages used when undervolting with my script:
1650 MHz: 1420 mV
1520 MHz: 1320 mV
1350 MHz: 1220 mV
1200 MHz: 1210 mV
920 MHz: 1080 mV
700 MHz: 1010 mV
350 MHz: 840 mV
180/230 MHz: 820 mV

Aggressive preset voltages used when undervolting with my script:
1650 MHz: 1400 mV
1520 MHz: 1280 mV
1350 MHz: 1220 mV
1200 MHz: 1160 mV
920 MHz: 1000 mV
700 MHz: 900 mV
350 MHz: 760 mV
180/230 MHz: 740 mV


-Changes the value in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactivex/hispeed_freq to user selected value

^ This file determines the frequency that the systems cpu will ramp up to after a certain point in the interactivex and interactive governors. By default it is set to 1200mhz for the Galaxy Nexus. By changing it to the custom overclock value(1350), the system will now not have to load up to 1200 and then make the jump to 1350, which is pretty significant in my opinion because the interactive(x) governors are supposed to jump up quickly for a faster response to the user. This value is untouched when changing frequencies in setcpu and most likely the other cpu apps out there. Many people including myself found this to make a big difference in speed, I feel like now it actually feels overclocked. ^

-Includes leantweaks script which can customize:
Min/Max frequencies at boot
Governor at boot
Zram toggle
Swap toggle
Check current kernel stats
Reboot to recovery
Disable all tweaks

Basically, it does what setCPU does with the addition of the interactive/interactivex hispeed_freq edit without the need for an app/service running in the background.

How to install:
Flash in recovery, no need to wipe anything.

md5: 37491661aafbcef41496710ef37a52f8



What happens when I have a question about Lean Tweaks?:
Abqnm will be VERY HAPPY to answer all questions for you! :)

What is activated by default after the initial flash of the tweaks?
-OC to 1350 at boot
-InteractiveX governor at boot
-hispeed_freq and go_hispeed_freq value edits

What's zram and swap and why should I care?
Zram and swap both offer an extention to VM without having to get more memory(hardware). Basically it will make multi-tasking easier and more efficient.

If I flash a new version of LeanKernel, do I need to re-install LeanTweaks as well?
No, these tweaks and settings will persist until wiping data and/or flashing a new rom.

I chose a setting that my phone didn't like and now my phone won't turn on, do I need to wipe data and reflash everything?
No, just reflash the in recovery and the settings will then be reset to stable settings.

If I flash a new version of LeanKernelTweaks, will I need to set everything back up?
Yes, you will need to re-enable the tweaks you would like to use when installing a new version of LeanKernelTweaks.

I'm getting a busybox error when trying to use leantweaks in terminal emulator, what do I do?
You can use Jrummy's Busybox Installer app which is free on the market to install busybox. Leantweaks should work fine after installing busybox.

I want to use a different kernel, do I need to do anything with leantweaks before hand?
Open the leantweaks menu in terminal and disable all tweaks. You can then flash any kernel you like with no issues.

How do I use the terminal commands?
Open terminal emulator and type:

Please uninstall or disable defaults in setcpu(or other cpu apps) before installing this.
You're phone doesn't need to rely on a cpu app any longer with this mod, upon install 350 min -1350 max and interactivex governor will be defaulted with the mod to the interactivex file as well. I've done a lot of testing on my personal phone and custom voltages offer such a minimal battery benefit that even after one SOD or random reboot, it has used more battery than it has saved. However, if enough people really desire user undervolting, I'll try working on that too.

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Does this tweak change the sampling rate and the up/down threshold of IX?

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Ix doesn't scale that way. It changes the hispeed_freq file for interactive and ix however which makes the jump to 1350 much faster.

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it's so easy..look inside the zip and if there s meta-inf you can flash via cwm..i think that if a person begin to flash a kernel,has a minimum knownledge of what he is doing and how to see if a file need the flash via cwm...

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@jakebites, Hi, great tweaks.
Just an observation from my experience, I'm on gnufabios Manhattan rom, 4.0.3 asop, I had setcpu installed as well as enabling the powertweaks within the rom. I was already using imoysens leankernel (stable) and decided to go experimental and use your leantweaks. I uninstalled setcpu and disabled powertweak in the rom before installing yours. When I tried to set min and max frequencies, going through all steps correctly it appeared to have no effect, your script was showing max 12000 min 350 stock values. I played around with stuff for a while before deciding to enable the rom tweak but not setting anything in it, ie leaving as stock values. NOw when I use leantweaks it works as it should.
I thought that by disabling or uninstalling all other powertweaking abilities would be best but it seems in this case I need to have the ability enabled in the rom interface first.
Sorry its a bit of a rambling post....
Cheers :)

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I can't get it to behave properly, I just redownloaded 7.1 and installed it again, checksum ok. Opened leantweaks, the symlink lt doesn't work for me, I downloaded exp 1.10 exp2 using your script and installed and rebooted, leantweaks reports a stable kernel with no tweaks applied yet it lists available kernel frequencies going from 180 to 1420mhz which is only possible with an experimental kernel..... dalvik and cache wipe done too.
Any ideas?

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7.2 is up!
-Removed deep sleep fix option as it caused issues for some and doesn't seem necessary any longer
-Cleaned up some text
-Fixed the script not determining between stable and experimental, somehow a "$" slipped in where it shouldn't have been
Note: If you have custom options for stable and switch to experimental or vice versa, a reflash of leantweaks is necessary. The way that the UV options are applied among other things will cause a bootloop otherwise.
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