Kevin Beegan is quickly becoming one of the top guys in the world of Android themes. Kevin got started in the world of theming about three years ago, making theme chooser themes. He eventually merged more into creating icon packs after he completed the research necessary to learn how to turn a set of images into a functional apk. I have been a big fan of his work and a big supporter for about six months now.

Today I'm gonna take a look at his latest effort, an absolutely stunning set of round icons called Focus. If you're familiar with Kevin's work you probably already know he has a somewhat different style which I find refreshing. Focus utilizes the very useful app interface you will see in most other top icon packs. Kevin is always working hard on keeping all of his packs updated regularly and also takes icon requests in-app via a scan tool.

Now let's dive straight in and I'll describe what you will discover upon applying the icon pack or what you will find opening the app. Let's take a look at the actual icons first. I will do my best to describe them in a way to do their high-definition beauty justice. This will be Kevin's second series of round icons that are completely original. He has three actually, Token and a black and white version of Token called Phantom being the other two. Focus icons are different than most other round icons as they are vivid in color, very sharp in resolution and have a raised 3D bevel that angles in from the top of the icon.

The pack also includes six 3D wallpaper's that are some of the nicest I've seen as of late. Five of them have the same pattern in various stunning colors and one is a 3D city scene that is very vibrant. I think Kevin made the right choice offering up different colors of the main wall instead of just adding papers for the sake of variety. I'll include some screen shots below so you can see the beauty of this pack for yourself.

If you are an icon addict like I am then any of Kevin's packs would make a fine addition to your collection. This couldn't be anymore true than with the Focus icon pack. I have gotten to know Kevin a little bit over the last few months and there is no one that I feel deserves my support more.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of excellent and very deserving themers in the community but you would be hard-pressed to find any one that works harder to bring his users a product that reflects confidence in the user and the creator than Kevin. So I encourage you head to play store right now and pick up Focus by Kevin Beegan, and while you're there you might want to check out all of his work and continue to support the hard-working developers and themers that make us all proud to call ourselves part of the Android community.

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Focus is available for $1.29 in the Play Store​