One of the most legendary independent app developers in the Android ecosystem is Koushik Dutta - ClockworkMod, ROM Manager and Helium Backup are only a few of the apps he's developed over the years. His latest project is an ADB server that you can run from your Chromebooks without having to sort through ADB versions and dependencies and without having to install another OS.

You might already be familiar with the ChromeADB client app in the Chrome Web Store, which allows you to control your connected devices from your Chrome browser, provided you have the Android SDK installed. Koush's ChromeADB Server app removes the need to have the SDK installed, which is especially useful if you're using a Chromebook. For now, you're limited to being able to control connected Nexus 5 devices, but Koush said he'll have other devices working with it later. Update: According to Ben Schoon in Google+, it works with any Android device now. He'll also post the app to the Chrome Web Store when it's ready. For now, you'll need to download the package from Koush's Google+ post and follow the instructions provided.

Since ChromeADB Server is in its early stages of development, functionality is limited, and you'll want to be patient for the initial generation of the RSA key on your Chromebook. If you're testing this out on a PC with ADB already on it, you'll want to kill the existing server and if you're running Windows you'lll still need the appropriate drivers before you test Koush's server.

Source: Koush in Google+, h/t Android Central