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- I got SD problem also, once i insert the sd card the phone starts notifying SD card is safe to remove , if i wanna use sd card i have to go to setting >storage > mount sd card , and this works temporary , the problem occur's again when i lock and unlock the phone for several times.

- Another problem is that i don't need on-screen keyboard and it pops out when i want to write and covers whole screen .

Actually i'm happy with original lg c660 optimuse pro except the phone.akp system application.
CyanogenMod 7 is awesome but i don't do much with my phone , So the original simple Rom is fine but if i have call screen as CyanogenMod 7,

Does anyone know how to make the call screen be come such as CyanogenMod 7 ?!

--another issue is about using SIM to save contacts on , i couldn't figure out how to do it !
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