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First of all thank you for your work. This Liberty Rom IS THE best rom on the D3 and is nearly flawless in terms of speed and as a daily driver. Some bugs I found.

1. The Mobile Hotspot is requesting the process com.motorola.service.vz.entitlement and it force closes as a result. (however tethering works fine. I am using the hack)
2. If you add to the number of hotseats to the phone and try to add Phone.apk or Contacts.apk it can't find them. It looks as though they are trying to grab the original Blur.Googleapp.apk.
3. Battery Drain can be pretty high. Looks to may be caused by blutooth. (running a day withoutblutooth)
4. The app drawer does leave a gap at the top.

Anyways thanks for your time!
How does tethering work if the hotspot app crashes? Care to explain? Thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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