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droidxchat said:
This is for the DROID X

8/18/2011 --New Comparison:
I was asked to do a comparison to some previously suggested settings for CM people. Here is a thread that some have relied on for their settings:

These are the settings they suggest:


And a few noticeable differences: the thread says set reset threshold to 1000lux, which also means to have filter turned on, and it wants you to set "Decrease hysteresis: 70%".

1) Ok, if you read and understood my little tutorial above, then you should already be able to spot a problem here. You've got reset threshold set to 1000lux, so it is now literally impossible to even hit the 5th or 7th levels. To explain - for level 5, if the sensor is going from (10 or 100) to (3600 or 8600) or vice versa, it would detect that the difference is greater than 1000lux, and would then reset the filter. For level 7, if the sensor is going from (10 or 100 or 3600) to (8600) or vice versa, it would again detect a difference greater than 1000lux and reset the filter. If the filter is reset, it wouldn't be averaging in the values from where you just were, and therefore you will not be able to hit a number within either of the two ranges in levels 5 or 7.

2) The rest of the levels that do not contain either 10, 100, 3600, or 8600 can be achieved BRIEFLY (for a time period equal to or less than your window length) by having light filter turned on, but having light filter on has many poor side affects (see above).

3) Buttons are turned off at an environmental level of 10, when it is darkest. In my opinion, this is when I want the those lights to be on the most. However, I'm going to assume that he has them off for this reason - they're even brighter than the screen at 2, and therefore can be distracting. I can't blame him here, I guess that is just up to preference.

4) He does something kind of cool with the "Decrease hysteresis: 70%" option. It can be hard to find a screen brightness for an environment of 10, since you may find yourself straining with too bright a screen in a dark room but wanting the screen brighter in a dimly lit room, both of which would probably be detecting an environment of 10. The thread's author suggests turning Decrese hyseresis to 70%. This allows the following: If you're at a screen brightness associated with your 100 level settings, you might find you prefer this setting in a dimly lit room where the phone would have otherwise set the brightness to the level associated with 10 environmental. Then if the environment gets darker and you want it to readjust to a lower brightness, you can simply turn off and back on the screen and it will set itself to that lower brightness corresponding to 10 environmental. This seems to also be the reason he has two levels with the same screen brightness, to make this solution functional. In my opinion, this is only good in rare conditions, but it is a cool concept that you might find you prefer.

Update 8/22/2011 -- Option 2

I thought a bit more about the above comparison, and the cool trick the guy did with decrease hysteresis, and I optimized it and labeled it "Option 2". Option 2 differs in this way: If you turn on your screen, your brightness levels will be 2/23/50/255 for environments of 10/100/3600/8600 respectively. As soon as your phone detects an environment of 100 or more, your brightness levels will become 8/23/50/255, meaning you will have the exact same settings as I suggested above. It will stay this way until your screen turns back off.

This is good for anyone who thinks that a brightness of 8 is too much for them in a pitch black room, but who doen't want to decrease it at risk of having it be too low for a dimly lit room. However, the option also has a distinct disadvantage: if you want your brightness level to be 8 in a dimly lit room, your phone must first detect an environment of 100 or higher, otherwise you will get a brightness level of 2 in that room. Put simply, if you turn on your screen in a dimly lit room, you'll get a brightness of 2, which is too dim. You'll have to go into an environment of 100 or higher, then back to the dimly lit room to get a brightness of 8. Additionally, if you travel into a pitch black room from an environment of 100 or higher, you will not get a brightness of 2 (it'll be at 8) unless you turn the screen off and then back on again.

If this sounds like what you want, then make "Decrease Hysteresis: 10%" and set your levels to look like this:


Let me know if you have questions.
Hi, I'm the OP of the thread you did the comparison to. Thanks for doing that comparison. Good information.

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Also, I am having trouble setting the right rosie button to take you directly to sms... Everytime I try to do it and then press the button a just says error

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I'm on CM7 1/28 and I can't get Option 2 working, which makes me mad because I had it working on an older build. I have everything set up right but when I go from an environment of 100 to a darker area, it should go to the second level instead of the first, yet it goes to the first. My decrease hythesis set at 10% I made sure. Any insight?

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I'm using the "Option 2" on the latest RevNumbers/ImaComputa CM7 install. Is this still recommended?

Does this use more CPU/Battery because the light sensor is monitoring/adjusting?
Just for the sake of reviving this ancient thread, nothing has changed in the latest RevNumbers/ImaComputa CM7 builds (BTW, CM4DX-GB is a good overall name for this ROM) in regard to the light sensor, the Droid X has 4 levels and not much is ever going to change that. We could play with that information endlessly, but if you are happy with the settings than that's the way you should keep them. Regardless, I think the light sensor pays for itself battery-wise. If you were to manually toggle the light, more often than not you would probably forget to turn it down. With the light sensor handling this chore for you you'll get the best bang for your buck IMO.
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