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Apk Suite Linux

This is a GUI interface designed to make (de) re-compiling android applications
exceptionally easy. This is the first Alpha so we need feedback on bugs and possible future features.

The reason the file size is so small is because it does not yet actually have the libraries downloaded, to do this simply:
Control Cenrtre => Download Required Files.

It needs to be ran as root for one time only to install aapt into the /bin/ dir. After that, root is no longer required.
You can also manually place aapt in /bin/ dir and chmod to 775 if you do not want to run the application as root.
You can find aapt HERE.

The requirements are:
Python (Version 2 or greater)
JavaSE or OpenJDK any version.

Place APKs in 'apk' dir, run the program, it will detect them. Once decoded, refresh lists to recompile (editing the smali files, navigate to 'decoded' dir)
Once encoded from a decoded package, the file is then placed in 'encoded' dir.

Please do report any bugs.

Note (This is Scriptr's first python projects so bugs are expected)

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