Kyle Laubscher (of Lobbs Design) isn't new to the game of theming and designing icons and wallpapers for our beloved Android devices - you may know his work with 'Slant'd', 'Chrome'd', and his UCCW widget designs. He's now back with a new set, Reflect'd icons, and they will put a very unique design on your homescreen.

Lobbs has already made over 1200 icons for Reflect'd. The icons have a solid-coloured, squared base, the color with which reflects the main color of the individual icon. In the center of the square is an all-white themed icon that resembles essentially the stock icon's design (that is except for the color). If you look behind that icon, you'll see two shadows of the icon in the upper and lower right corners. Even the masked icons share the same design, although instead of a white design we get the original icon layered on the same base. Also instead of the icons' shades, we get shadows of the Lobbs Design logo design. The design of these icons are very unique to say the least - and that's a good thing.

Next for us to take a gander at are the wallpapers included with this theme - this is where you clearly see that the theme is in its infancy. Currently there are only 2 walls with this theme, a solid black wall and another black wall with a dotted pattern repeated on it. Designer Laubscher has stated that he is focused on answering the request for icons before he puts in work to continue wallpaper (and widget) design. With that, I'm sure they will also support Muzei and BLink.

The app's interface is just as unique as the theme itself. You're presented with a single screen, dark themed, utilizing a card view UI for the four sections - there's also a menu option here. The first choice, 'Apply Theme', opens a pop up with graphic cards that allow you to apply the theme to up to 9 alternate launchers. Next up is 'Wallpapers', and after that follows 'Request Icons' and 'Theme Info'. The menu button hides options to view individual icons, share and rate the theme, and read about and contact the developer.

You can tell, even by this preview, that Laubscher is taking time to make sure his theme and design is evident and shown throughout the entirety of this project, and it shows. Currently Reflect'd is on sale for $1.00 in the Play Store, but after the sale is over it will go back to $1.50, an incredible price for the work. Show us below how Reflect'd has impacted you homescreens design.

Play Store: Reflect'd