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Logitech Revue Wireless Connection Issues

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Does anybody else have connection issues with their revue? I get a moderate signal from my access point, and I have it connected with success. But when trying to load, Netflix, Market, initial setup, or really anything at all- it basically times out and gives me the option to retry or cancel. Perhaps there are some preferred router settings that might help?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks everyone,

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In order to get started I just went wired. Wireless kept giving me problems. Once I had everything setup I went wireless but it seems only a static IP will work for me. If you need instructions on how to do this

Here are some instructions I stole from elsewhere

Select your wireless connection through the revue and change DHCP to Static.

Make sure if you try static that you retype the things in the fields as there are numbers there but they are showing a default. and not actually there. When the information is actually entered the numbers are white.

You can get your default gateway from running command prompt on your PC and typing ipconfig. You can then use the default gateway to base your IP address from.

For example my default gateway is (yours may be different)

So I chose for my IP as this address is not in use for another device and avoids an IP conflict.

There are others here who can instruct better on how to ensure the IP you choose is not being used and how to set your router to not accidentally assign that IP in the future.

The other 3 fields besides your IP and default gateway should be as follows:

Prefix: 24

If your problem is not being able to get internet connection because of Android 3.1, or you are still on 2.1. Post some more details of the problem.
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