About a month ago we had a first preview of Samsung's Lollipop update for it's Galaxy S5, complete with Touchwiz and all the bloat that comes with it. SamMobile has gotten yet another hands-on of a new build of Lollipop for the Galaxy S5, which means there should be an update for the phone in the near future.

The overall UI of the phone is fairly the same in terms of what was shown off in the last preview, but this preview shows off a boatload of new features. These include the Note 4-style fingerprint lockscreen, a search bar in the recent apps menu, and much smoother animations throughout the OS. A few apps have been modified as well. For example, the Gallery app has some new filter options, there's an improved UI for the music app, and a search bar for the contacts app.

Since this is Lollipop, it was expected to see at least a little Material Design in the OS, right? Well, Samsung has delivered. The Material Design app colors are featured in the status bar and in Samsung's well-known Touchwiz color scheme. Here's a video showing off the latest preview, courtesy of the people over at SamMobile.


This version comes with build number LRX02E, as opposed to the previous build leaked to SamMobile (LRW58J). There is zero branding that would prove that this the final version of Lollipop that Google announced, so this updating process might have started before Lollipop was officially announced (which would make this an updated "Android L" preview build).

Lollipop is just around the corner for us, so Galaxy S5 owners won't have to fret about being on older software for too long. It has been suggested that the Lollipop update will arrive in December of this year.

Sources: SamMobile, h/t Android Authority