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the2dcour said:
This is an unofficial release of official, unmodified software. Version is 4.5.1A 150-30. I don't know what the changes are since I have no DX2. If some kind soul would post a pic of the version info from your phone I'm sure others would find that useful. Enjoy.

Also, if someone would like to host the file somewhere more permanent than multi-upload feel free to do so/let me know. [Full SBF Download] 333.95 MB
cheesebeard said:
It's definitely the latest soak, don't see how it couldn't be considering it's 2.3.4, and yes I have root! Pete's One Click root method worked perfectly, just updated SU now, and am currently removing bloat!

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They also said it couldn't be the soak since this sbf was created on aug 24th
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