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Loose plastic piece by the USB port?

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I noticed today that when my phone notification vibrates that the shiny plastic piece around the USB port is loose and it rattles.. Is there a glue or something that I can use to secure this? Damn annoying!! Makes my phone sound like it's falling apart.. LoL..
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TheAtheistReverend said:
Depending on how long you have had your phone, I would take it in to get a replacement.
Or you could mix up some high quality epoxy and get it in there (around the sides) with a toothpick. Make sure you don't get any inside it though and clean it up real good.
I would try the former first.

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I will certainly stop by the store and see what they say.. not sure if it would fall under a warranty claim or not ... The vibration on this thing is intense!!
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TheAtheistReverend said:
I am amazed.
Almost... No scratch that- Everyone I have heard mention anything about their vibrate is that it is weak. So weak in fact it can be almost unnoticeable, like on mine. I can feel it vibrate in my hand, but not in my pocket. Haptic feedback is almost non existent.
If you take it in, and they offer to switch your phone for another I would make sure the vibrate doesn't blow on the new one. Depending on how valuable the vibrate is to you, you might just have a gem there. I'm sure some people would trade with your situation.
Happy fixing!
Wow.. I had no idea there had been issues with that.. the haptic feedback is how I like it.. very subtle.. but when a call is coming in or text/email this thing is crazy.. if it's on a hard surface you can hear the vibration across the room.. I may just fix it myself..
Sorry for the delay.. it's fixed!! I used a very small amount of epoxy and all is well! No issues.. Thanks for the help!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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