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I can't believe I did this crap again

I used to have a Galaxy S rooted and working beautifully, decided to upgrade to Froyo and then to Gingerbread 2.3.5 and lost my root then and could not get the dogone thing rooted again. During las black friday, replaced that Galaxy with a Milestone X. For some reason it was not updated to 2.3.5 It had froyo in it, so I went and rooted it no problem in just a few minutes I was using my free wifi tether again. Three days ago the Gingerbread update came over the air and I upgraded it thinking that by now there would be an easy way to root it. Well I still have my Superuser Icon APK 3.0.7 and my SU binary is v3.0.3 Other than that that's it no access to root. I cannot use the wifi tether or the overclocking app anymore. Getting a headache over this searching all over the place for a way to get my Superuser app working again. Please help.

Oh by the way the binary updater is not working neither. which it does not matter since I have the latest binary.

Android Version 2.3.5
Build 4.5.1_57_MX-32
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