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lots of questions

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I got several questions today,heck i'm just a questioning marine,Semper Fi,okay,is there a way for a dev to come up with a fix to keep the keyboard light on, mine shuts off while typung and from what ive read all over the forums, this is a major problem,so i figured to let it out on the best forum The RootZ and see if we could figure out what the problem is with the keyboard backlightand another question how do i get FM Radio?
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Here - I'm not 100% sure on this because I don't have the ability to test it...

as for the FM radio, you can try out TuneIn and see if that meets your needs
I rooted my BF's DPro yesterday (it had the OTA 2.3.3 update on it) and I simply installed a program from the market called "keyboard backlight controller" by "deskangel" Once installed I used the check box options to keep the backlight on as long as the phone is not locked. Seems to be working just fine for him.
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