We all know that Android's core is Linux based. We really get to see that power when we get Linux distro's ported to our mobile phones. We got to see Ubuntu touch a few years back (whether that was a success or not is still to be determined) and we're seeing Sailfish OS developing now. Right now though you can get your hands on a project from Kali Linux which has the security tools to help you turn your Nexus device into a serious networking device.

Nethunter is the official name of the ROM and currently only supports Nexus devices. The ROM has most of the power from Kali as well as some browser tools that can be used to manipulate wireless networks or computers. Even from its inception, Nethunter has the ability to make your phone emulate a USB human interface device or launch keyboard attacks on Windows-based PCs. It also has a variant of BadUSB's man-in-the-middle attack, which can be used to monitor PC trafficking on computers.

Mati Aharoni, the lead developer of Offensive Security (the company behind Kali Linux) stated that the reason NetHunter is only projected for Nexus devices is due to the kernel sources the team can acquire from Google. Although other devices could technically have the ROM built for it, because of where those devices get their kernels could hinder the features of Nethunter. The good thing though is that NetHunter is open source so anyone could grab the code and make it work for any unspecified device.

If you have a Nexus 5, 7, or 10 in hand you can head over to the NetHunter site and either download the official images or build the ROM from code to be installed onto your device. Is this appealing to anyone or just something that may be too powerful for good purposes?

Source: NetHunter