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I have almost all RUU's posted, and i'm adding the rest as I find them, when time permits. Also have some radios, but Adrynalynes list is much better :p

Thunderbolt Stock Images
The latest official and non official Thunderbolt RUU's here, some are .zip and some .exe

MD5 - 8448B0238A8D8FB4F3FEBE4AC9F53438

MD5 - D4F6185E9F337AF63A5A095ADF216CC8
MD5 - 124BC9890B7E674EA91B3703BFDD79EE

MD5 - 67CDF1B30557A90B8A59646ABCCB6B62
MD5 - 44BA66EC31403131F3672C1C22ABC3E7
MD5 - 7141F5620F6128AF77D50587E341F4B0
MD5 - 4FCC7CF0C4B112667E5CAA5A2A4557EE

MD5 - 57AA7779AA919089CBD83862C75C0A91

MD5 - 21795288DB10CEDF379340F9FD2DA5F4
MD5 - 1239F430324F4FB3249BA3DFD3704AD7
MD5 - AB66DB962725EBB9DE4DE1944502A25E
MD5 - 0E939335D3039A3723C095B33F8CC301
MD5 - E4C90364613E1A520D4313114604E4E8
MD5 - 8EF5F850DC700ADE5A86B4F81783B12A

MD5 - 160456F1E61EF478ACB93F7183F7BB69
MD5 - DAD61AEFC09E343F21600976A3DD4E79
MD5 - c5dad342bc39a9ee556b80e4d0c26642
MD5 - b633d651471ca4aa184e7ef66ad60ddf
MD5 - c5fda16925a974bbd6cd7007b2cf28f0


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Where can I find the but in executable RUU format?!!!!

My phone don't recognize the .zip for downgrading from .9 to .5 but some one told me the .exe file can do it..

Thanks for any help!!!
First I got a few questions, did u download the Android Police 2.11.605.5 RUU directly to your phones Sd or did u download it to your pc, then move it to your Sd. I ask, because I had the exact same problem, I downloaded the RUU to my pc & then using an Sd card reader copied the RUU from my pc to a 1gb Sd card (this was not my usual sd but an older extra i had) when I tried to downgrade, via hboot my ph was not "recognizing" the RUU...So out of curiosity, I pulled out that Sd card & stuck in my ph my usual 32gb Sd card, then moved the RUU via usb to my phone & waddayaknow that worked, I dunno if it was that older 1gb sd card or using the sd card reader that caused the issue, but it was definetely one of the two.

I should also ask the obvious, you are renaming the RUU to: before booting into hboot correct.
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