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About a week ago we introduced a new mascot for the site, Sully. We had the site members vote on who we thought fit the site and sure enough a user by the name of "PrismaPixel" who is a professional web developer, just happened to make the right strokes with the brush in adobe flash. We thought Sully deserved the proper introduction from RootzWiki so without further adue, meet Sully.

For the past year we have used the "SuperUser" logo provided with consent and support from ChainsDD to represent the image of a true Android venue of all things root. As of late May/early June, we decided to venture into making a dedicated forum to provide developers and users alike free gear to show we give back. RootzWiki is the first site to do a lot of things but first and foremost, to give back to the people who populate and make the forum what it is, a truly open and supportive Android development based website.


We have received nothing but praise for our continued and relentless efforts to help keep the joy and effort of an open sourced environment available to the public. As the feeling of a diminishing community due to lack of moderation and true content we brought you RootzWiki and now our little friend we love so dear, Sully.

We chose the name "Sully" because it was the only name fit for the little robot we had that included the letters "s" and "u" consecutively that sounded original. Expect to see him around for a long long time as we update our application in the Android market to include him in the splash and the icon.

Lastly, a huge thank you and congratulations to PrismaPixel for his hard work and effort, we couldn't show you all of the pictures of Sully because we want to surprise you in the future. Themers if you would like a PSD or EPS file to make some wallpapers to include in themes let us know. Take care to everyone and we hope you enjoy the new looks of the site!

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