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MIUI 1.8.26 Full Changelog

by stiffspliff
Published on 08-24-2011 12:24 PM 23 Comments
Here is the full changelog from

[Recommended] this week
1. Increase accuracy for drag/drop operations in edit mode
2. Support for backing up gallery, camera, music system app data
3. Milestone patch update to the latest DSI

Add support for millet accounts (create/view account)
Replace sound system
Milestone optimization patch update to the latest DSI
Make automatic brightness smoother
Defy replace wifi driver

Optimized phone settings
Repair frequent SIM card errors during call waiting
Defy - fix black screen issues after calls
Fix PIN2 error, modify FDN (Fixed Dial Numbers) interface

Optimize reindexing contacts
Optimize tips in notification bar for progress/completion of merging contacts
Fix reindex failing to restart
Fix importing contacts leading to QQ group display error
Fix importing contacts from SMS or call log information error issue
Fix importing contacts from SMS to SIM card
Fix FC when viewing vCard file that is large
Fix wrong number showing in call log for contacts with multiple numbers

Optimize pop-up window to mark text message as read if text is entered
Optimize MMS theme to limit non-English characters at 13 or less
Optimize retrying to send MMS
Fix FC when accessing camera from SMS with no SD Card
Fix FC when clicking on e-mail address with no E-mail app
Fix send button being disabled during MMS send queue
Fix editing contact details from SMS message

Optimize edit mode touch screen accuracy
Optimize folder icon display
Fix radio widget unavailability
Fix some cases of desktop icons and widgets overlapping

[Lock screen, status bar, notification panel]
Optimize variety lock screen to support visible expressing controllable by parameters
Fix rare cases of pattern unlock becoming insecure
Fix FC when applying status bar theme

Fix play button issues in ringtone list
Fix icon themes not fully applying from internal memory
Fix icon themes not fully applying from SD Card

i9000 fix front camera stretch issue

Optimize music player to pause during notification and continue playing afterwards
Optimize A-Z page list to highlight current position on right bar
Optimize online music page refresh and exit functions
Fix menu options when exiting by home key
Fix equalizer causing system issues
Fix music file failing to load in media list

Fix media keys when exiting app

Added support for backing up gallery, camera, music system app data
Optimization backing up third party apps to display icons
Fix page getting stuck when sliding up and down

Fix direction issues (available in MIUI app market)

[System Update]
Fix update errors for full ROM updates

Fix entering app from notification

[Download Management]
Fix progress bar number display when downloading same software
Fix download processes jumping up and down in notification panel

There are two fixed settings in the upper and lower switches, such as bottom panel opening when clicking on upper and vice versa
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