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1.9.2 Changelog


[Recommended] this week 1. Screenshot animation effects to increase 2. Browser to support HTML5 video so users can watch Youku/hulu 3. Browser pages containing flash elements fixed (floating toolbar issues)

[System] New screenshots animation effects to increase Optimize the system login account, you can register at the end of the phone MIUI account, support the view key information, binding-mail and phone, on /off switch synchronous chat meters (see Contacts -> Account Settings) Press the home button to enter the repair "recent tasks", the input method will automatically pop up problem Fix slider control slider inaccuracy

[Telephone] Add call forwarding phone call records to identify Optimize dialer guide for first time users Fix hands-free calls being lost after a hold Fix SIM card issues of caller ID not showing for foreign countries Remove record call button for phones that do not support it (i9000, T959, etc)

[Contact] Quick fixin some cases inaccurate positioning of the scroll bar problem

[SMS] New SMS beginner's guide New - copy/paste from SMS pop-up Fix edit mode sliding issues Fix editing new unread messages

[Lock screen, the status bar, notice board] Support in how to optimize the lock screen when the touch unlock, unlock the last point of contact as the final

[Theme] Optimize the layout and theme display style interface, style uniform with the system ("Changing local style" and other major operations on the bottom center) Optimized to obtain the same time, resources (such as System Preferences, ringtones) to search by alphabetical order Repair applications default theme, all system icons are added floor problems (may need to restart the desktop launcher, or reboot the system) Repair can not restore the default ringtone problem

[Music] Playlist songs are selected to optimize operating experience Repair through the File Manager to delete the current song will stop when the song playback problems

[Application supermarket] Optimized when the server application installation package does not display "Install from other markets." Optimize the user details page, support page displays a list of recommended Optimize the installation and removal application, refresh the install list (see individual -> Local Installation) Repair is shown in the list must have installed the download icon to download to avoid duplication

[Browser] Optimize support for HTML5 video watch Youku (need to use the iPad UA, see Settings -> Advanced -> View Settings -> Browser Identification (UA)) Click on the link to optimize the new page to load the contents of the background experience Close the SD card to optimize the cache, the cache RAM upgraded to 12M, to enhance the speed of the page to open Flash page fixblock floating toolbar and tab bar issues Fix reading mode in some cases, the issue of FC

Optimization of the list and details of the interface Repair in some cases the problem of excessive power

[Tape recorder] New project to increase the recording time and duration of display Repair due to insufficient space when SD card is the problem of recording files are missing

[System Update] Repair upgrade package, complete package is finished downloading problem beating notification bar message Repair cancel the download after the notification bar message does not go away

[Download Management] Optimization delete record screen prompts to download Repair the problem can not delete temporary files Delete multiple records may repair the problem FC

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Recommended updates this week:
>Browsing speed
Upgraded browser JavaScript engine to increase performance execution by 30%
>Anti eaves-dropping
This weeks update features improved anti-eaves dropping, enable to prohibit app monitoring, monitoring of call information and other actions by third-party sources.
>No SD card support for theme replacement, wallpapers, ringtones and other resources

>New key shortcut (MI-Button) to allow for shortcuts to Home screen, Screenshot capture, Search and Call functions. (Supported on MI-ONE, Milestone and DesireZ)
>Optimisation of account management interface and login / details

>New automatic translation switch for APN setup (CMWAP networking can be set only)
>New novice user guide
>Improved anti-eaves dropping, enable to prohibit app monitoring, monitoring of call information and other actions by third-party sources.
>T9 Pinyin less optimal results when matching the number of contacts
>Fix in some cases lockscreen wallpaper cannot use full display
>Fix in some cases due to problems with sensors causing problems with ring tone fade when picking up and problems with flip to mute

>New novice user guide
>Add new contacts and support for restoring contacts from cloud backup
>Fixed inaccuracy of A to Z (e.g, when you press P, it says O)

>Optimisation of attachment into message recording, according to Mms automatically stop recording length limit.
>Modify message delivery to optimise the default ring tone
>Sending Mms fix in some cases inaccurate results

Lockscreen, status bar and notifications:
>Added notification bar entrance of access control (simple mode)
>Fixed FC caused by pulling down notification bar while changing themes
>Fix status bar prompts novice user guide recurring problem
>Fixed the brightness turns into the lowest while pulling down the notification bar in Single Page Mode
>Fixed The lockscreen and music playback control appears while music is not finished playing
>Fix lockscreen time display problem

>Optimisation of long-press to open task manager opening speed
>Fix desktop widgets text display cutting off problems

>No SD card support for theme replacement, wallpapers, ringtones and other resources
>Optimisation of local theme list loading speed
>Optimize the local style, and other major changes to the application to open when the animation style, from the bottom up, with the same style of system
>Page optimisation changes to sort local theme styles more efficiently
>Repair custom notification sound, alarm is displayed as the default
>Click for details page blank area leads FC problem
>Clicking the details page causes memory issues leading to FC
>Fix the local cache validation problems in some cases leading to problems effecting efficiency of loading

>Optimisation of thumbnail and large view quality
>Transparent image thumbnail display abnormal issue fixed problem
>Fixed abnormal ratio of wallpaper in landscape browsing mode

>Camera is switched on immediately after repair of boot problems leading to FC
>Fix open photo playback, change brightness, contrast, saturation leading to FC

>Upgraded JavaScript engine to (V8), execution of JavaScript pages increased by 30%
>Default navigation page optimisation for quick access to new bookmark items
>Fix quick access to sites, returning to navigation page does not refresh in a timely manner
>Fixed page dragging failure in Top sites

Optimisation of the use of local album art and support for resizing.

File Explorer:
>Fix listing image too large leading to confusion in the list of thumbnails displayed

Radio / FM:
>Optimisation of headphone pull opens flight mode, no longer automatically exits radio app but instead shows a pop-up dialogue box

Sound recorder:
>Fix problem recording from radio causes FC problem

Optimisation of failed backup or items which abnormally cause failure, allow to delete corresponding items to continue backup
Optimisation of cloud backup stability
Fix SD card space warning, resolve issue leading to corruption in backups
Fix issue with local backup alarm restore causing FC issue

Optimisation when there is no account, the first time opening the calendar will give a prompt
Fixed issue of delayed update of menu after login
Exchange calendar fixes

>Optimisation of the system volume, when set to 0 the volume will not output notification tones
>Optimisation of slider display segments
>Optimisation of Wi-Fi password prompt, pop-up will display asking to re-enter if password invalid

System update:
>Checking for updates in quick succession fixed popup error dialogue problems
Fix issue when switching to different network type e.g from mobile to wifi causes full package update to not be downloaded
Download manager:
>Fix failed download does not receive notification message display

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[System] New account registration millet enter a nickname optimization HD2 update the official version of the kernel optimization DHD R12 replaced with new kernel optimization Desire Z replaced with new kernel new kernel optimization Defy replacement, optimized SD card drivers, WLAN drivers optimize system updates, music, no SD card backup The UI, unified support for wake style optimization meter key, turn off the screen to restore the factory settings to optimize support for clear and clear all user data to optimize network data set for the application of fully upgraded the supermarket, network drive is no longer reserved App Repair from the System Settings -> Programs -> Gmail settings, select some items APP FC problem repair market in the star image shows half of the problem

[Phone] Adding a call fails to optimize the call record database update fixes attribution to the lock screen phone interface, there is no lock screen missed call notification fixes USSD / MMI interface will lead to a call out of the problem is fixed and pick up the ring flip mute reduced false triggering of the first call does not fix the problem using the Bluetooth device as the default answer repair questions may pop up to answer incoming calls when the device selected fixes the problem of small HD2 call volume

[SMS] Repair can not send text messages contact number to add +86 before the problem (for overseas service)

[Contact] No contacts to import MIUI optimize backup contacts to guide restoration chat simultaneously on m, the replacement of the system of rice millet account contact chat friends identified the problem does not fix the strange numbers added to FC read-only contacts are the problem ( such as importing contacts from everyone)

[Topic] SD card repair download free theme, insert the SD card is not the case data migration, application of the subject can not fix the problem after replacing the system notification sound, use the system notification sound does not sound along with the application update fixes a problem In some cases, "in use" ring label repeat problems

[Camera] Optimize the camera shake detection time less than 5 seconds to open the camera menu panel optimization, if the shutter button to take pictures using the hardware will be optimized away panel scaling does not play with the volume keys on the tone repair auto focus, use the camera anti-shake mode process to exit the camera cause the camera to no response, a system reboot fixes the camera with front camera, before and after the camera switch, duplicate the "effect" of the question

[Supermarket] Application Optimization must uninstall the software installed after the installation of state of repair page automatically update the icon when the jitter of the drop-down fixes download the application process to exit the current page will lead FC problem

[Back] New online backup and recovery results interface to display the "change" the number of items repaired delete local copy of the program during the off-screen lead to no response fixes the total progress of the online backup progress with the problem of inconsistent individual repair online backup does not show the number of local WLAN configuration Refresh problem

[License Manager] ROOT privileges optimization tips to pop-up box to remind

[File Manager] Optimization on remote management, remote from the notification bar fixed into the management page

[Compass] New novice guide

Optimize the e-mail account and compose new messages, browse the message body interface

[Set] Optimized headset, Bluetooth headset default volume

[Download Management] Added support for non-state SD card to download themes, music, high-volume applications, file repair download, batch operations (pause, open), no response to the problem page

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MIUI 1.9.23 Changelog
September 23rd, 2011 by Mark
Hi everyone,

Some nice changes in this weeks changelog, hopefully to address some of the bigger issues of the last few weeks.

Recommended updates this week:

1. I9000, T959, I897, Desire, N1, NS replaced with new kernel
2. Support to set Wi-Fi IP addresses individually per network
3. Optimise SIM card contact usage experience

To get the full list read on….

I9000, T959, I897, Desire, N1, NS replaced with new kernel
Optimisation of new HD2 kernel patch (Updated GPRS configuration files, CPU over-clocking and stability, SD card reading speed optimised and fix for cannot connect to ad-hoc network
OTA cache optimisation to automatically reduce OTA failures
Fix non-Chinese HD2 default timezone problem
Fixed problem where HD2 was unable to play Gameloft games (model identification changed to HTC)
Defy application firewall fixes
E-mail will not fix scheduled sleep pattern problem resolved
Samsung series models, fix data connection problems, unable to enable data successfully
Fix PowerAMP player progress bar does not display

Disable optimisation when no SIM card carrier is set
Optimisation of incoming call answering options when there are multi hands-free devices, optimised switching speed of Bluetooth
Optimisation of in-call menu interface, pop-up device selection for Bluetooth and other connections
Optimisation of dailer interface, pressing menu item to select which call records to delete
Optimisation of dialer interface to "Click to call" when viewing a contact
Optimisation to enhance sorting speed of T9
Fixed some issues matching search results for T9
Fixed No attribution shown while clicking phone number from the SMS/Mi-Talk to enter Dialer
Fix to ensure that local call hang up without vibration
Fixed Trackball can't be operated during a call coming
Fix problems with speaker phone button not always switching off properly when pressed

Added new menu entry to access SIM card contacts
Optimisation of SIM card contact operations, support for editing, calling, messaging and deleting.
Optimise the SIM card contact interface to directly add new contacts

Fix issue inserting slideshow images causes FC
Fix switching flight mode leads to problems sending Mms
Fix guest enter messaging via contact mode, resulted in FC

Lockscreen, Status bar and notifications:
New lockscreen support to display alarm information
Optimisation of status bar icon to distinguish been headset or handsfree mic
Fix problems waking screen via power button problem
After restoring a lockscreen and opening Torch, Torch often flickers randomly
Fix lockscreen long-press home button for torch led allowed torch to flash repeatedly

Fix problem importing file names containing special characters led to FC

Fix HD2 camera video power drain issue

Optimisation of no SD card dialog
Optimisation of ID3 editing artist or album name, allows to be empty
Fix problem with DHD music freezing
Fix opening screen does not take effect immediately

Optimisation of native backup support for SMS
File Explorer supported for backup

Added support for different IP address settings on Wi-Fi network connections
VPN connections, remember new password support
Optimisation of system time allowing for syncronisation at "Boot time"
Fix System > Battery settings "Low battery alert values" unable to move sliders
Fix for Nexus S NFC switch could not be enabled
Removal of duplicated "Wake up" button in System Settings.

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Optimisation of Wi-Fi hotspot support for Defy
Optimisation of internal storage low, prompt will be made by notification sound
Update Milestone code optimisation for better memory, added new DSI patch to fix input method of different Android keyboard, kernel and driver updates
Support for call recording on Defy
Optimized system number wheel operation
Optimisation of i9000 kernels voodoo colour adjustment interface support
Fix i9000 lockscreen, long press home key displaying torch
Fix power consumption issues for Defy
Fix in some cases unlock problems with Defy, multi-touch settings default is set to ’2′ in Button settings
Fix in some cases GPRS connection instability with Defy
Fix problem restoring factory default settings with Defy
HD2 display colour fix some problems
Fix HD2 music playing and answering phone leads to a loud popping noise
Fix on some models, using the default boot flash animation will look black and white

New auto-recording function
Optimisation of automatic answering (Support for setting answer delay)
Optimisation of vibration settings for incoming and outgoing call hangup
Fix cancel failure of the pressed-down sliding button after releasing
Fix interface when calls do not exit from proximity sensor (Part solution cannot lead to a black screen during a call hanging up)
Fix T9 in some cases does not match the search displayed
Fix in some cases SMS cannot display phone number display attribution problem

Optimisation of polyphonic characters (Settings > Rebuild index data)

Lockscreen, Status bar and notifications:
New single-page notification window switching support to customise layout (define only the first 11 toggles, last default is brightness, see Settings > Personal > Toggle Settings)
Added notification bar to switch network option from 2G / 3G
New lockscreen format string variable for lock-screen support (themers)
Simple mode switch to optimise the notification bar, single page mode uses the same resource files and keeps theme unified
Fix, after shutting down the system to optimise tactile feedback, on lockscreen pressing missed calls / unread messages still continues to vibrate alert
Optimisation of unlocking lockscreen animation

Automatically organise new icons (Shake phone in edit mode 3 times to automatically sort current screen icons)

Optimisation of local theme, theme lateral line, application is consistent with other systems
After restoring theme, the Bluetooth icon shows the wrong information
Fix problem closing theme download list page and re-entering the details page still prompted to download but are unable to do so

Optimisation of High-definition video format display information (HD)
Optimised when the camera damage is detected, the clue says exit instead of FC.
Fix problem taking photos or changing exposure restores settings to default values

Fix problem under SD card tab sorting files leads to inconsistent results

New SD card mode, no support for online music
Optimisation of music style pop up, more unified to system popup design

Fix problem loading some GIF images leads to FC

Added support to backup System Settings
Added support to backup and restore the current theme
Fix problem with sliding scroll back does not reposition correctly

MIUI Weather:
Optimisation to significantly improve performance and stability
Fix issues with location / GPS
Fix CMWAP access problems

License Manager:
New message added for read / write permissions management

Added support for different Wireless connection agent settings
Optimisation of SMS tone settings, moved to Sound and Vibration menu
Optimisation of screen rotation 180 degree rotation switching
Delete Motorola models “Connecting to PC” entry so content is empty, see Settings > System

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Courtesy of
(Although released on the 8th, is still labeling the files 1.10.7. Our roms' filenames will also say 1.10.7, but they are the same roms released by here )

[Recommended] this week
1. From the gallery, 3rd party app may be launched when playing video
2. Default player supports gravity sensors rotation

Optimize the delay button to not allow spamming registration
Optimization of the background pop-up list items
Optimize the height of the tab bar to be content-adaptive; easy to customize theme
Optimize page list sliding and add transparent yellow glow effect
HD2 new APP2SD patch repair, improve stability

Repair using keypad during call, auto screen shutoff time not being extended
Fix some Bluetooth connection issues; "call device" not automatically popping up in selection panel
Repair multi-party call; when one party hangs up, switch to other party, "more" panel not automatically popping up
Fix some bluetooth phone connectivity issues

Repair the clock, album details page gadget title bar display issues

New from the gallery - third party app may be chosen when clicking to play video
New default player supports gravity sensors rotation

Fix some cases of not being able to slide some toggles

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[Recommended this week]
Added support for new Incredible S model
Optimize wheel operation (setting time, etc.)
Fix some MMS receive issues
Fix support for screen wakeup using volume keys
Fix i9000 model radio
HD2 kernel upgrade (R12.4)

I9000 new radio support
New Incredible S support
Optimize gravity sensor causing inaccuracy of horizontal and vertical screen
HD2 kernel upgrade R12.4
Optimize time wheel operation experience
Fix reboot issues when installing to SD card when SD card not available
Fix touch screen not responding after reboot
Fix touch screen inaccuracies while charging
Fix some cases of wi-fi connections causing screen wake
Fix some cases of haptic feedback suddenly not working
Fix wi-fi connectivity issues
Fix changing default alarm tone not taking effect

Optimize call recording notification sound
Optimize memory and opening contacts from speed dial
Optimize use of delay functions, notification sounds
Fix HD2 calls causing "loud sonic boom" at connect
Fix some cases of ringtones becoming mixed up, caller connection issues
Deleting call records
After optimization of call recording notification sound does not ring
Optimize the small memory model and the contact to open the speed dial
Optimize the use of delay dial (extension or operator recharge), play the corresponding sound button
Repair HD2 model Call first tone of the sonic boom problem
Fix some cases confusion ringtones, caller will be connected to more than beep after the issue
Delete call records does not show MMI code

Search for a contact list of repair companies nickname does not match the data results in the problem (in contacts app, press Menu> Settings> rebuild index data)

Added support for MMS collections
Optimization of mobile phone text messages and reports, festivals dragging added
Fix SMS repeat issues when switching with recent apps list

[Lock screen, status bar, notification board]
Add support for rebound animation during unlock for custom lockscreens
Fix custom lockscreen text rotation effect issues

Optimize sensitivity for moving desktop icons on screen ( tip: just hold the icon you want to move with one finger, and change screens with a different finger while still holding the icon for the easiest method)
Fix default clock widget skin issues

Support the process of opening new camera flash fill light
Optimize flash icon to be unclickable when flash is not available
Optimize night mode by enhancing brightness
Optimize imaging by increasing sharpness
Optimize recording under low light by reducing noise
Fix defy video card issues

Fix milestone and defy video playback screen distortion issues

Add support for volume key wakeup (settings --> system --> unlock keys)
Added support for lock screen using the volume keys wake up the next screen (need to Settings -> System -> Unlock keys)
Fix wifi connection channel routing issues

[Tape recorder]
Fix display order issues in recorded audio

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MIUI 1.10.21 Full Changelog
by stiffspliff
Published on 10-19-2011 10:08 PM
Original thread at (

We look forward to another week of MIUI, and are excited at the news that they will move forward with Ice Cream Sandwich once the source is available (wonder if MIUI will ever go open source ;P)

New pop-up user agreement and disclaimer for applications that require network access
Integrated Android2.3.7 code
Optimize compatibility mode (drop-down list)
Optimize the layout of the text pop-up dialog box
Optimize I9000 vibration feedback; support for two-stage vibration
Fix DHCP issues when connected to wi-fi router

Added support for custom number attribution, including the group number
New non-call interface to quickly return to the call of the green bar
Optimization of tapping into anti-rights management (the authority is divided into two parts: a call, the call monitoring), call the state enabled by default, resolved to call everyday sounds such as the problem does not stop the music
Optimized before the recording ban call is connected
Brush some cases repair after the first call, the soft keyboard input problem can not be closed

Click to jump back to the optimization of the original collection to support the dialogue text view context
Full optimization logic to optimize sending and receiving MMS
Set SMS center will repair the problem FC

[Lock screen, status bar, notice board]
Variety lock screen allows you to define new text width variable

Add Topic support batch replace system sounds here for details

Added option to restore default settings (see camera -> Settings)
Optimize video length to extend to 2 hours

New clear the thumbnail cache (see Gallery Settings -> Clear Thumbnail Cache)
Added support for viewing MMS and other accessories in the gif image
Optimize the overall browsing speed (including from the camera into the gallery, gallery page toggle switch album catalog, thumbnail load, full-screen map to load, high-definition map to load)
Optimized thumbnails, full-screen map definition
Double-click zoom to optimize the experience of
Change directory to optimize the efficiency of image
Click to enlarge optimized video playback on the video play button (previously Click to enlarge any area are playing)
Repair system automatically rotate off, watch the video will automatically rotate the problem
Repair rotate the picture, the picture thumbnail direction error problems
Fix the video size and video preview does not match the resolution of the problem itself
Fix some cases, can not display thumbnail or full-screen graph question
In some cases repair, delete images or videos, the gallery did not update the list of issues
Repair to delete the last photo album is displayed after "pictures open failed" problem
Repair properties of recorded video display, "length" issue 0
Fix the SD card tab, the directory number to be included in the summary video image number, there is no separate identification of the problem
Create more time to repair the wrong picture of the problem
Repair multiple choice picture batch operation, the state has not been cleared multiple choice questions

Added support for wma, ape format music (LG P990 model does not support ape)
Repair HD2 model the problem can not be played online music
Fix garbled audio files cause music because the index is not accurate
Light off the screen immediately after repair, no longer playing the song lyrics scroll problem

Add desktop clock, photo frame gadget supports backup and recovery
Added support for backup and restore authorization management
Optimize the application and data backup system backup progress is displayed when
Optimize the time display automatic backup
Repair alarm backup, restore does not work after the issue

Optimize the application installation from unknown sources, you can pop in and continue the installation directly to lift ban

[Supermarket] Application
Optimization strategy to change the batch download and install, download the modified order from the parallel download
Repair in some cases the downloaded application package name errors led to a failed installation

[FM Radio]
New Incredible S models to support radio

[Tape recorder]
Add call recording file name to save call numbers increase
Optimization of call recording call the object list shows the name of the contact

Optimization of notes with alarm clock to remind reminders to activate the screen and at the top
Optimization automatically restore the last backup support

Thanks again to mcp770
He gathers all the changelings, I just post them.

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MIUI 1.11.4 Changelog

Optimisation to reduce power consumption when using 3G data (MI-ONE only)

Fix sound problems with HD2 libaudio reducing sonic-boom effect problem

Updated Galaxy S2 kernel for better optimisation / performance

Read on for full list of changes…


Fix problems with the Sim Toolkit icon overlapping with other items


Optimisation for changing the default wallpaper, need to re-apply the default theme, see theme style > default (MI-ONE only)

Optimisation of the application, new font based themes will be prompted to restart phone

Fix problems setting ringtones through the system causing problems with FCs


Optimisation algorythm, autofocus camera (with auto-focus open, see the camera settings) (MI-ONE only)

Fix problem in some cases the camera application freezes / hangs

Fix some issues with Camera silence when taking photos


Optimisation of video thumbnail loading speed

Fix in some cases third-party applications choosing to open via gallery for images causes FC

Fix in some cases when clearing gallery thumbnail cache, the cache is not cleared

Fix problem where gif animations are not loaded with the animation

Fix in some cases the video thumbnail cannot be loaded (MI-ONE only)


Optimisation of WMA, APE encoding formats

Fix problem with file names containing punctuation, audio files unable to be played back


Added support to backup local MMS


Search optimisation settings, support for partial matched keyword searches

Removal of LED settings for Samsung models because these models do not have the LED function


Optimisation of the default navigation pane layout, optimisation of switching screen orientation to give more usable screen space

Optimisation to significantly improve page zoom fluency

Update Manager:

Automatically sign-in ranking optimization, and better support for multi-language display.


Fix micro-channel audio card issues

Fix problems starting up the barcode scanning app (MI-ONE only)

Other changes are possible but this is an overview of the core changes.
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