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There is a 2nd post below containing add-ons and instructions to tweak the rom.
GMail, DSP Manager, Car Home, and Genie Widget have been removed. To get them back flash the Restore System Apps file below in the Add-Ons post. To get GMail, install from Market.


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This ROM is translated for English.



MD5: 1bf8002188fb2fa542665c0c16f93799

Download: UPDATE
(You must have flashed first!)

MD5: 6b24d7f9999bfe5cd7c33ea4548b211c


Changes in Update:
* Fixed ringtone not applying issue (I think...)
* Fixed an issue concerning builld.prop and the Market
* Updated to Lang Pack 1C
* Integrated Theme FC fix


A full wipe is not required to flash if you are already on a previous GB MIUI release, but if you have any problems, full wipe and verify that the problem persists before reporting it. Thanks


This release from and ported by is mostly stable but still Beta.

Translations were done by MarkHUK (Thank-You Sir!)


Changes made by me:
* Added Wifi Tether 2.0.7 to /system/app
* Added CyanogenMod 7 Camera (has it's own icon with the CM7 logo to avoid confusion)
* Added a TON of kernel tweaks to the way Android handles the internal flash memory
* Unplugging USB/Charger turns screen on if it is off
* Made Dark Theme default
* Added new MIUI Android App icon (made by me!)
* Removed some system apps. (restore zip is below)
* ProTips.apk removed (it's worthless anyway)
* VMHeapSize set to 40MB
* WiFi Scan Interval set to 90 for battery life
* Set Ring Delay to 300 (down from 3000)
* Compcache is running at boot (set to 32mb)
* Custom homescreen wallpaper
* Custom lockscreen wallpaper
* SDCard Cache set to 2048 for speedup.
* Less delay for the screen to turn on when removing head from phone when in call.
* Tweaked the internal Gingerbread memory management. (Multi-tasking should be a little better now.

* Various Tweaks for greater speed and smoothness


Known Issues:
* MIUI Camera will FC if auto focus is enabled. (Go into settings and set Focus Mode to Infinite or Marco and disable Auto Focus. Or just use the included CM7 Cam)
* If you need to Dial *228, you must instead Dial *228+ (hold 0 for + sign)
* MMS Video does not work properly. (This is an issue with the ROM from china, not the port.)
* Camera app force closes when auto focusing (disable in settings)
* The camera can be heard initializing at boot. (This seems to be caused by Google Talk, but is harmless.)
* Facebook only syncs all contacts.
* Autobrightness is sluggish.
* Yahoo mail accounts do not work with the stock Email app.

4WayBoot credit: roenano Thread Here

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Pretty slick so far. I'm likin' it.
EDIT: ran into an issue when I flashed the ERI Mod; it didn't just remove the carrier status text, it put my phone into airplane mode. In place of the "Verizon" text, it said (No Service). And also no data or cell sig. I did do a backup tho. Hope it's not something I did wrong?

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That is odd... Ill look into it tomorrow.
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