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Hi everyone. This is my second theme, made for MIUI. Requests for additions are welcome :) Please view link and click "love" for MyColorscreen contest :)

What's themed: Launcher: 63 icons + Shortcut, Contact, and Icon Folder - Containers - Scrolling Page Indicator - Folder Menu - - Widgets: 2 MIUI Music - Global Search - Calendar - Pandora - 2x2 Gadget Clock - Beautiful Widgets Super Clock & Weather - System: Status Bar - Many App Notifications - Carrier Icon - Toggle Pull-downs - System & File Manager - IC Menus - Apps: Kreactive Scientific Calculator - MIUI Torch, Voice Recorder, Music, Sidekick, File Explorer, & Compass - Lockscreen with Music - Dialer - Contacts - SMS
I did not theme the default MIUI analog clock. The first clock you see is a MIUI gadget 2 x 2 clock, available separately on the download page. The Beautiful Widget themes are also available separately.
I am glad to take request for improvements/expansions/additional icons. If you press menu within an app, these are the IC menus - obviously I did not do them for all android apps. I am glad to add whatever is requested.
At 1900+ images and a lot of xml code, this took a lot of time. Feel free to use any of the components on your own theme - I only ask that you give me credit :)

Questions, suggestions, requests are all welcome :) More screenshots are at the blog link below.
If you like what I have done and would like to show your gratitude, Leo is pretty hungry...

Link to download at blog
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