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I made the switch from CM7 (froyo kernel) to MIUI Gingerbread a few days ago.
The "cool factor" on my phone has definitely improved. MIUI is sweet! I've no idea why I held my nose up to it for so long.

It seems The DXC 1.9.23 MIUI that I flashed seems to have automatically updated me to CWM
Bummer. My understanding is these backups aren't compatible with
I THINK that may have something to do with my problem...maybe.
I can't seem to get the "Power Menu" to reboot me into CWM.

I wanted to flash my old BootAnimation back on now that I've decided to stick with MIUI.
Holding the power button and selecting Reboot into CWM brought up an expected SU dialog.
I accepted. I'll attach a screenshot of the it just seems funny to me.
Nothing happens.
No reboot. Nothing.
All the other options work.
Hotboot...bootloader...stock recovery...reboot...
Also, that file on my SD card that it's referencing to doesn't seem to exist.
But I've no idea if that is normal or not.
=] <----Noob.
Rebooting into CWM via ROM manager works fine, however. So I'm confused.

Any ideas?
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