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MIUI for D2G

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I know there is a lot of work going into CM7 development right now, but I saw this, could MIUI be ported to D2G as well?
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The thing I really wish I had from MIUI is the battery bar across the top.

I wonder how hard that would be to integrate into current ROMs?

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This happening. Right now. Just need to figure out why there is no service and an alpha will go out... maybe not me, but someone :)
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AWESOME. I'm really excited about this and can bug test and run logcats or whatever else needs to happen.
It's nice to see the D2G ROM scene picking up.
Ive wanted to ask this, but i don't really know how to use the forums yet =P
Nice to see others with the same thought
D2G will not have stable MIUI until CM7 is more stable.
The person making the CM7 builds for D2G has tried to contact me. Progress will happen.
My d2g is booted and sending this message from miui via wifi since the d2 radio is different.
This rom looks amazing! I can't wait may have to ditch my d2g for a d2
"audinutt said:
My d2g is booted and sending this message from miui via wifi since the d2 radio is different.
This rom looks amazing! I can't wait may have to ditch my d2g for a d2
So the D2 version boots but doesn't have service?
Correct, I couldn't get cm recovery to come back up.
Wifi works but no cell service.
I had to sbf, tried installing and using romer, then it wouldn't boot.

Couldn't we take the Build.prop and radio files from CM4D2G?
Which files are the radio files? I can give it a shot if someone tells me which files.
EDIT: I'm an idiot, I have no idea what I'm talking about.... lol
I checked it said version was 2.3.4?
That gingerbread, right?
I am going to attempt to duplicate what Romer has done in the past.
I have unzipped the romer utility and am going to attempt to work on this.
I will copy all the source files from CM7 for radio, etc and attempt to push them into the miui via adb once I get some sleep. I may fail miserably, this is my first attempt at this.

After we get CM7 approved for official I will try to help you guys out. The radio files will be in the 2nd init files which is the droid2we boot. Also you will need the moto-ril in the lib folder and the mux related ones.
This NEEDS to happen. I've been following the progress with CM7, and they're just about ready to release an official nightlies. Really hope somebody could get miui to work for D2G, I would be more than willing to help test
I am downloading the D2 port of MIUI and am going to do a port of it. I don't know my way around source code but I will be mixing in CM lib's and see if I can make it work more. The radio should be a really easy fix. (I got GSM working in CM7) I am sure it will be the same way though as in CM. Until we figure out how to get the Zygote classes running properly it will be the same for that as well.

So I need a list of bugs,

So far all I know is that the radio doesn't work. But I havent loaded the D2 port yet, still downloading the latest and going to backup my CM install.
I hope you can make progress, Ace! MIUI on D2G would be great, and with CM7 to go off of, it shouldn't be all that difficult.
Yeah the biggest issue is that we were using Droid 2 sensors, and 2nd init files. I changed them and included the stagefright + camera stuff from CM4D2G because we all know its going to be flipped otherwise lol. Loading rom up for my first attempt now.
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