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Hi guys,

This will be the place for all my MIUI full themes.

Let me start.


My newest theme, based on MIUI ICS theme from online theme manager by edu
I have changed status bar icons, icons and some other stuff
Thanks to Raadius for dock
If I forgot someone please tell me because this is what I use for a long time and don't remember where I got all the stuff

New lockscreen based on my port of Nature lockscreen for iPhone


VA Asteria v4D (dark theme)

As my earlier dark themes, this one is also based on naruto20007 darkblue theme and big thanks to him for letting me use his theme as a base and parts of rd's orange theme (settings menu) so big thanks to creator of this theme.

New icons, without reflections - I didn't include icons from mac forums, only some icons I found on google (thanks to the original creators) and mostly icons I made myself

Included VA sUP lockscreen


Download only icons

Some screens:

VA Asteria v3

Added a lot of new icons
Changed the lockscreen (now it is my VA 5 minimal inspired by dbilliter 5lock lockscreen)

Thanks to naruto20007 for the bootanimation (I have changed it a little)
Thanks to dbilliter for lockscreen (I have used his lockscreen theme as a base and changed it a little to my likings) link for his lockscreen
Thanks to itenek-d36ujoa for his iphone_dock that I have used

Note: I am providing old format theme so you guys can change it easier to your likings. I have my own carrier logo but if you want to change it to whatever you like just replace carrier_logo.png in\res\drawable-hdpi
Here is a nice thread for custom carrier logos
I am also using Miui extended setting by Andy Thomson

Download link
Download VA Asteria lockscreen

And here is the link for my older MIUI themes
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