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Included in the update is a new script, "flash_recovery" which will auto-flash any recovery you choose.
(Including the new ClockworkMod Recovery 4 created by koush and built for Droid by birdman) See the new Tips section below for info on how to use it.

If you are coming from any MIUI release that I did not make, or any release that I made below 1.7.29, you will need to do a FULL WIPE.

If you are currently on my 1.7.29 release, you can flash with just a /cache wipe
(the rom wipes /dalvik-cache for you)

So, in summary, FULL WIPE if you are not already on my 1.7.29 release.




There is a 2nd post below containing add-ons and instructions to tweak the rom.



MD5: 7b176a1d8aaf97bd9b0b047cdd3b7349


MD5: 0d94154dbee4f907b9aa952be9e161f8

Download: Extended Settings Mod for Droid

MD5: 27c8f6eb087e33327df64fbe41ff12cd


Changes in Update:

* Updated hosts file to kill ads
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Reboot Recovery" to boot incorrectly (credit: magiman7)
  • Updated WIFI Tether to 3.1B2 (FC fixed... for real this time)
  • Added latest Google Search
  • Identified an error in previous flash (/cache not formatted correctly)
  • Added "flash_recovery" script (Flash any recovery of your choice! Including CWR4!)
  • Fixed a bug in "adbwifi" script.


This release from and ported by is mostly stable but still Beta.

Translations were done by MarkHUK (The beast that he is...)


Changes made by me:

Flash was not fixed. I thought I had it nailed down and it beat me. :p I'll try to fix it later.

* cron integrated into the rom to clear caches at 3AM every night
  • Apps automatically zipalign on each boot (if needed)
  • Rom auto wipes caches on flash
  • Fixed wifi tether FC
  • Disabled SuperUser notification messages (apps still ask for root)(credit below)
  • Added adb over wifi app
  • Added adbwifi script (for enabling manually)
  • Added su-notif script (see below for info)
  • New homescreen layout (zip will be provided to reset launcher below)
  • New custom wallpaper and lockscreen wallpaper
  • Added a few wallpapers from Sense 3.0 and Motorola Roms
  • Added Google Maps, Google Voice, Voice Search, Script Manager, Rom Manager, Google+
  • Added LG Keyboard from Optimus 2X (Special thanks: jumaaneface)
  • Unknown applications are allowed to install by default. (disable it if you're scared.)
  • Moved /system/media to /cache/s-part/media (to make room for LG Keyboard)
  • Included V6 SuperCharger Ver. 8 script in /sdcard/MIUIAndroid_Extras (script credit: zeppelinrox)
  • Native USB tether should be fixed (although I did not test)
  • Stock CM7 kernel modified. Boots @ 800MHz, Interactive gov.
  • New lockscreens included (add by editing current theme in Theme Manager, and selecting "Lockscreen Style")
  • Added a TON of kernel tweaks to the way Android handles the internal flash memory
  • ProTips.apk removed (it's worthless anyway)
  • VMHeapSize set to 40MB
  • WiFi Scan Interval set to 90 for battery life
  • Set Ring Delay to 100 (down from 3000)
  • Compcache is running at boot (set to 32mb)
  • SDCard Cache set to 2048 for speedup.
  • Less delay for the screen to turn on when removing head from phone when in call.
  • Tweaked the internal Gingerbread memory management. (Multi-tasking should be a little better now)
  • Various Tweaks for greater speed and smoothness


I have moved many of the apps into folders organized by categories. There is a folder with the label "--------". That is for your trash, apps you don't want cluttering the screen etc. But obviously change things as you see fit.


Known Issues:
* LG Keyboard will FC if you enable vibration
  • Camera flash doesn't work properly. (I will address this as soon as I figure it out)
  • If you need to Dial *228, you must instead Dial *228+ (hold 0 for + sign)
  • MMS Video does not work properly. (This is an issue with the ROM from china, not the port.)
  • The camera can be heard initializing at boot. (This seems to be caused by Google Talk, but is harmless.)
  • Facebook only syncs all contacts.
  • Yahoo mail accounts do not work with the stock Email app.

4WayBoot credit: roenano Thread Here

Extended Settings credit: Andy Thomson Thread Here

Disable SU Notifications credit: roniez


(sorry, been forgetting to include this in my threads.)
Special thanks:
  • magiman7 for being the gentleman he is.
  • roniez for the recent SQL help
  • frosthejack for the cool updater script (that I keep forgetting to include in the rom.)
  • jamezelle for showing almost anyone who has ever ported MIUI to the OG droid, how to do it.
  • MarkHUK for the translation work that he has done.
  • Devs for this rom

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* On first boot, open launcher settings and toggle Hi-Res Graphics on and off again
* Try to not use Auto-Brightness this will help the CPU some
* Move as many apps as possible (minus widgets) to the SDCard

Included Scripts:

[adbwifi] <- This script allows you to quickly swap between wifi and usb when using adb shell
Usage: adbwifi [ on | off ]
(the script will tell what you need to do. Your phone and computer must be on the same network)

[su-notif] <- This one is for people who wish to toggle SU Notifications on or off
Usage: su-notif [ enable | disable ]

[flash_recovery] <- This script allows you to choose a recovery and flash your choice!
Usage: flash_recovery [ cwr2 | cwr3 | cwr4 | rzr | spr ]

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OH. HELL. YEAH. I *just* flashed about 6 hours ago, and have this beast running almost as snappy as I've ever seen it. I'm ****ing stoked to see this released so soon, Trey, you have my deepest gratitude bro. Thanks ^^
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