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This is a Multicolored theme built by me from modified Gummy Source.
I am new at this so any suggestions or feedback is welcome.

All Credit goes to
Team Gummy:
  • Kejar31 - Primary Developer and Project lead
  • Syaoran12 - Developer
  • Atesc - Developer
  • Sixstringsg - Developer
  • Stevespear426 - Developer
  • TKGlitch - Kernel Dev
  • PoiTEE - Forum support guru
  • Daank - Wallpapers and artwork
What's Themed
  • Framework (Red)
  • Browser (Red)
  • Calculator (Purple)
  • Calendar (Red)
  • Camera (Purple)
  • Mms (Purple)
  • Settings (Red)
  • SystemUI (Green)
  • ApexLauncher - credit Android Does (Purple)
  • Gallery (Green)
  • GenieWidget (Purple)
  • Google Quick Search (Purple)
  • Setup Wizard (Red)
  • Talk (Green)
How to Install
Install Gummy 1.0
Install mixedfruitGum Zip then mixedfruitGum GAPPS in CWR
Change clock, softkeys, pulldown widgets in gummy settings to what you want my color codes are Green 92f001 Purple 934bbf Red ae2635

  • Release 3.1 First release for Gummy 1.0
DownloadsTo Do
  • Suggestions ?
  • Create Custom Icons


The Jittery Gentleman
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Haven't went anywhere just been busy making the Roms which is funny cause the only reason I make the Roms is to make the themes.
Oh I just meant I haven't seen your stuff in awhile! Always extremely well done!

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