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Originally posted in the non-dev forum by larryp1962 for me. I didn't feel like posting it as I haven't developed in a while.

Basically this is a patch that enables mms supposedly on any aosp 4.0.* base having been tested in AOKP by larryp1962 for me. Basically take any Fascinate/Mez AOSP 4.0 or greater rom, then flash this and if the mms.apk works, so does your mms. Let me know of any problems you may see.

Use this link for general questions and answers pertaining to the patch as well as hopefully nice comments, keep the bugs and issues here.

Comments link:

Download link:

Thanks to larryp1962 for testing, and others who have gotten us the correct apn settings and build.prop's
If anyone is in the belief I have stolen their work, pm me. I do not mean to and will gladly give you credit.
I was just in a hurry, haven't developed in a while, and don't know who owns what really.

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