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Awesome news guys! I have successfully ported the 2ndInit Recovery to the Cliq 2! I replaced the Defy recovery with the recovery I worked up. As of right now, I do not have an apk to install it, it will require the use of ADB.

Thanks to the Korean developers that created the 2ndInit method for the Defy, without them, none of this would be possible. Also thanks to polovinamozga and bdoc from xda for helping me get a working recovery, and my Green Rom Project team for helping me getting started. Also thanks to ksubedi on xda for adb instructions on the install.

**As always, not responsible for what does or doesn't happen to your device. If you aren't comfortable with voiding your warranty, do not attempt.**

Create a folder on the root of your sd card called bootmenu. Download this file and unzip it to your sd in the bootmenu folder you created.

Once completed, run the following commands to install.

$ adb shell<br />
$ su<br />
# cp -R /sdcard/bootmenu /data/bootmenu<br />
# cd /data/bootmenu<br />
# chmod 755 *<br />
# ./<br />
# rm -R /data/bootmenu
*Note: Also can be installed via terminal emulator within Android*

This installs the bootmenu onto your phone. Once the commands are complete, turn off USB Debugging and reboot your phone once. Allow it to reboot. To get into recovery, reboot your phone again. When powering on, after the red LED turns off, a blue LED will show up briefly. When you see the blue LED, press the volume down button. Android BootMenu will display. Use volume buttons to navigate to [Custom Recovery] start. and press the volume button. Use volume buttons again to navigate CWR, but use the camera button to select. If you get into a menu with no Go Back option, slide open the keyboard and use the delete button to go back.
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