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[MOD][6-11-11][EE19 Mesmerize] Extended Soft Key Backlight

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These are the EE19 ESKBL mods for the Mesmerize. Flash to extend or shorten your soft key back lights. Flash the Undo to go back to the stock setting.

EE19 1sec ESKBL
EE19 10sec ESKBL
EE19 20sec ESKBL
EE19 32sec ESKBL
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Sorry to bother but will these work on heinz 57?

Tap-a-Talked from my Mesmerize
scarmon25 said:
Sorry to bother but will these work on heinz 57?

Tap-a-Talked from my Mesmerize
No bother. I'm not 100% sure if they will work or not. The reason being, is that H57 has some of the framework from the Fascinate. What I can suggest is to make your nandroid backup before you try it so that you can go back if it doesn't work. Worst case is that you will get a boot loop after the flash.
Well no bootloops. But it doesn't quite work either. It shortened the softkey but it completely hosed the notifcation bar. Just reflashed the rom and all is good. So that be a negatory on the H57
no worries

Just curious though. What I am after is to shorten the softkey backlight. I know your zips and for that as well and extending. Is there another way to shorten them you know of. If not its cool. Its not that big of a deal.

Also. You will always be a recognized developer to me and many others.

Tap-a-Talked from my Mesmerize
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I can confirm what scarmon25 said. It does fix the lights, but hoses the icons in the notification bar. Among other quirks, the cell signal is replaced with either nothing, the airplane, or the no signal icon, lol. Flashing the undo doesn't fix, either.

I just reflashed the ROM and all is well again.
I'll talk with dfgas about it and see if he's interested in making the mods for H57. If not, I may go ahead and make them for it also. It doesn't take much, so I could have it done pretty soon.
Oh that would be so awesome. Thank you.

Tap-a-Talked from my Mesmerize
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