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Hi all, I just put together a few tweaks to the notification bar to address a few UI issues. This is for RMK's GingerSense (stock, rooted, deodexed Gingerbread), it may or may not work on derivatives of that ROM, so if you're going to try it, make sure you have a CWM backup handy. It should work, but I've only tested it on RMK's ROM.

The mods:

1- Added accurate discharging and charging battery icons to framework-res.apk. They count from 100 down to 0 in 1% increments, with blinks below 5%. On charging, the icon turns into a plug and counts back up to 100, again, in 1% increments. I've never cared for the various circle or needle battery icons, so I made these to look as if they could be stock. (These were actually made for my Fascinate, if people really want icons closer to the stock HTC appearance, let me know and I'll see what I can do).

2- I edited SystemUI.apk to remove that blasted location icon in the notification bar which, in my opinion, is a totally useless waste of space. When an app uses the actual GPS, the GPS icon still appears, this just gets rid of the location crosshairs icon.

If you're already using a theme which has modified these two files (framework-res.apk and/or SystemUI.apk), this will end up reverting anything other than these two mods back to stock. If you really wanted to be careful, adb pull these two files from your existing rom for safe keeping (system/framework/framework-res.apk and system/app/SystemUI.apk). Just be careful and, again, have a backup ready in case it breaks something else. Shouldn't, but there's always a chance. You have been warned ;)

Here's a screenshot of the changes:

And here's CWM flashable files to mod and restore back to stock RMK GingerSense.
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