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Ok this is my second mod for CM7 7/21/11 version done by jt1134. Thanks again to jt for his great work.

These are Transition Animations if you dont know what they are or would like to preview them just search youtube for android transition animations it should show you what these will look like.

I did not create these animations and i do not take credit for them all i have done is add the animations in the framework-res so they can be flashed via cwm.

I am not responsible for what YOU do to your phone!

Only for Mesmerize CM7 ver. 7/21/11

Blur Animation :

Bounce Animation:

Drop In Animation:

Flip Animation:

Fly In This is my personal favorite!

Stock Animation: If you would like to go back to original Animations.

Just Flash in cwm.

Hope You Enjoy!
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