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Quick and easy battery mods for EagleBlood 2.3.5. Im not using this but I got a lot of requests ya go! ;)

These mods will completely replace the framework-res.apk file, so any previous theming will be reverted to stock CM7 theme. Also, dont use the percentage option in CMParts for the battery, it makes it looks very strange.

Install Instructions

  • Make a Nandroid backup (Optional, but HIGHLY recommended)
  • Flash in Clockwork Recovery
  • Fix permissions (in recovery)
  • Clear Dalvik-cache (in recovery)
  • Reboot


Version 1 - Sense Style Battery

Version 2 - Segmented Green Battery

Version 3 - Gingerbread Style Battery

* UOT - Online Theme Kitchen for the images, and making things SUPER easy. Please donate to them if you use it, as its a great service.
* TeamDouche especially Cyanogen and CM_arcee for their amazing work getting CM7 working on the G2x
* JaiThemes for providing dedicated hosting, not to mention Uncut Android

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