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unfortunately, radiooptions binary is not there at /system/bin even though your rom said install completed.
any other ideas? would I get better chances if I upgrade to Gingerbread? frankly speaking I don't care what version
of Android OS on my phone, as long as I can disable cell radio - it's the ultimate goal. maybe you can recommend
custom rom?
You may have to mount /system in CWM before you flash the mod. We have to do that on the Charge for most of our add-ons.

EDIT: I just took a look at the update script, and I think I see what the trouble is. the location of busybox in the script is /sbin and may not be the same location on your phone (on my Charge, busybox is installed to /xbin). determine where you have busybox installed, and then modify the path in the update script, and it should work (jellybellys, please correct me if I am wrong).
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