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Thanks for the mod :)

I tried flashing the zip you provided on my "Samsung Galaxy Fame gt-s6810p", but the flashing software throws something like "failed package signature verification" and aborts. The flashing software is the default one which came from the factory. The SD card is new and branded, so I'd exclude data corruption. I tried downloading and writing the zip on the SD card twice.

On the other side, I'm solely interested in the radiooptions binary bundled in your package so, as a workaround, I copied that file under the phone's /system/bin via ADB shell. My phone didn't have this binary by default. My real problem is that, when I execute "radiooptions 1" from an SSH console after the phone has already booted, the radio signal icon on the status bar temporarily turns into a "no signal" symbol, but then, after a few seconds, the icon turns back to normal, that is, into a signal strength bar, so the effect of radiooptions is only temporary.

Any idea?
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