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Am I going crazy?
In my system/lib egl folder all I have is:

0 0 android
0 1 POWERVR_SGX540_120

so am I just removing the 0 0 android line?... Feel like I'm having a blonde moment.

Rom: team kang milestone 1
Yes, just remove that line and reboot

I also have a .so file in there which I renamed to .so.bak but I don't think it's really needed.

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I'm running Axiom 2.3 @ 1350mhz/350mhz on interactive.
Before changes:

- CFBench: 12622, 3921, 7401
- Quadrant: 2387
After I did the first two changes (checkjni, windowsmgr):
- CFBench: 12611, 3929, 7401
- Quadrant: 2248

Phone runs so fast I'm not sure how to tell if it's improved or not.
Benchmarking means nothing. You're seeing improvements in performance visually but not from the benchmarking because the benchmarks are useless and inaccurate.

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great thread guys, wish the op would come back and add more. seemed to really know his stuff.

question - the gpu mod, is that the same as turning on -force gpu rendering in apps in the developer settings?
I believe not.

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thanks for this. added them both....lets see if i notice any difference
As I said previously, to each their own. I don't mean to argue with you about it, it is very true the human eye can see 100+ fps. However, that is not at all true in every day use.

I remember reading a study in which a black screen was flashed with a white image and the flash could be detected within ~150 fps or something. But when a white screen was flashed with a black image, it could only be detected until around 70 fps. Don't quote me on the numbers or the specifics but this is the basic concept.

For actually playing games and viewing normal images on screen, I think it is pretty widely accepted that 60-80 fps is the cap. Most people cannot detect changes past that, though everyone is different and some people can (or at least claim to).

You do pose a valid point that it doesn't force the phone to render at that. My only counter to that would be to say that although it doesn't force it to, it allows it to. Reaching needlessly high fps is only going to take more system resources, due to needlessly rendering over and over again, as I'm sure you could agree with. All I was suggesting would be that some may want to use a more reasonable value, such as 80 or 100. Also, you may very well be right that vsync comes into play making both of these numbers effectively the same.
I'm a beginner but learning fast. I think 60-80 fps is great for almost anything except certain gaming(games). I've been playing street wars for 10 years usually around 60-65 fps. Some slower people say I am really fast but I can go much faster. In this particular game I honestly believe at least 120fps is a requirement to compete when hitting button combinations. I had a 90fps Android for a little while and did much better but my hand still could go faster than 90fps without any doubt. 240 might be Certainly it depends on the activity & in my case it isn't the eye that limits me because of muscle memory. I don't even need my eyes open. Just throwing in my 2 cents here.
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