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Hello wonderful sgs4g community, i hope you are all excited about all our new stuff as i am. Anyways now that drhonk has built ext4 into our kernel we can now go ahead and do SOME ext4 mods. here is the guide on how to create an ext4 partition so that you can use the link2sd app so:

A:you can have an ext4 sdcard filesystem
B: create more internal space for your apps(takes away even more bloat)

Here is what you will need:
A computer

MICRO ADAPTER for your sdcard to plug into the computer

drhonks new 2.1 bali kernel

mini tool partition wizard(or any other program that does this) you can find it here:

link2sd apk you can find that here:

Now go ahead and mount your sdcard to computer with the micro adapter

go into mini tool and click on your sdcard
press move/resize
go ahead and resize from 256mb 512mb or 1g off from your original size
now go to the unallocated amount and press create partition
make sure that you do ext4 and make sure it is PRIMARY not logical!!!
press apply!
bam you go ext4

now put your sdcard back in and go to link2sd
it will tell you to go into recovery and mount your sdcard

go into cwm and go to mounts and storage then make sure you have your sdcard say UNMOUNT
go back into link2sd and click ext4 when it pops up,
NOW move all the files THAT ARE NOT SYSTEM FILES(which it wont let you do anyways) and your all done

afterwards you should have from 375mb to 440mb of free internal space

have fun

Thanks to:
Fknfocused for pushing me to do this
drhonk for the kernel ext4 patch
wizard(i saw he did the link2sd first so i decided to do it)
and the rest of the community for being awesome

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"spinnakernut said:
Will this work on Gingerbread??

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I believe all apps are installed to sd card by default. Links2sd isn't supported by gingerbread iirc. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but yes the following instructions will work to create a ext4 partition.
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