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Here it is! My #1 aggravation with this phone: the lockscreen.

What is this?
This is a Clockwork-installable ZIP that will remove the junk LG Lockscreen, and switch to the AOSP style sliding tab lockscreen.
How do I install this?
1. Put this zip file on your external SD card (do not extract it!)
2. Reboot into Clockwork
3. Select "Install ZIP from SDCard"
4. Find the "" and select it. Hit install!
5. Wipe the dalvik-cache.
Your phone will take a while to boot back up after this mod, it's normal!

Please note: the "Emergency Calls Only" string appears to be a bug, I'll fix it here shortly. You can still make/receive calls just fine :)
Technical Information

LG's lockscreen is defined in /system/framework/android.policy.jar as AndyLockscreen.
In LockPatternKeyguardView.smali method createLockScreen (line 1947), change line 1952, and remove "Andy_" from the string.
Line 1964, remove "Andy_" also.
Donation Information
I love to develop. I don't do this for money, I do it just for the "thanks".
If you feel this ROM is the best thing since, well, whatever, feel free to donate something to show your appreciation.

Please don't feel obligated to donate, but if you feel like it, you can click the button below to donate any amount you wish to me.

If you don't want to donate, just click the "Thanks" button under this post, I sure appreciate it!
Contact Me!
Got an issue with this release? Post here!
Want to contact me privately? PM me on XDA or Rootzwiki
Twitter your thing? Follow me, @tylerfixer on Twitter

Join the official LG Revolution dev IRC channel at freenode on #lgrevolution
I'm IOMonster on IRC!
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