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I got the idea for this because my children were always accidentally hanging up the call before it was over. It reached a point where something had to be done. I messed around for an hour and came up with this solution.

It disables the big red button during a call. You can still end the call yourself, but you must instead pull down the notification window and tap the red button there. This extra step makes it impossible to hang up by mistake. It has worked wonderful thus far.

This mod is based on the Phone.apk from the latest Droid Incredible RUU. I only edited one class file and did not alter any resources. I am including the original and altered files along with a patch file. This will help other ROM devs work this into their own mod(s) when working with evo framework or something else. I am also including two flashable zips. One is for Athena only and the other one is for every other ROM that uses dinc framework.

If someone gets this working on other ROMs in which one of these files does not work, send the me file and I will post it here along with the ROM in which it will work. I'm guessing there should not be too many. If there is a way and an interest, I will make one of these for CM or even GB.

NOTE: These are zip files and not apks. Just rename them after downloading. You can flash the bottom two in recovery.
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I just tried this on my wife's Dinc because she is CONSTANTLY hanging up on me. I rooted her phone but she is stock other than that. I downloaded the DisableECB_All.apk and renamed it to then booted into recovery and applied zip from SD card. It flashed and said complete, I rebooted and tested but the End Call button is still there. I did notice the end call button in the notification window like on my Tbolt (not sure if it's always been there or not). Will this not work on stock or did I do something wrong? I know the thread is old but any help would be appreciated.
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