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You know the nuisance that was brought to us with 2.3.4? You know, the one that would not show the correct battery %? Well, here is the fix and I hope you enjoy

This will replace a your battd and files with the previous 2.3.3. The files are in binary and I don't know how to convert them to a readable format, so until then, enjoy this fix and post your results for others to see the awesomeness. I will need you to do the following before you flash:


You may not have to do a data wipe and the battstat.bin should be fine as it is. If you flash this without a successful battery fix, then try to delete your batterystat.bin file(the file you calibrate a battery with), and see what your results are before posting that this doesn't work.


GB Battery Fix v0.8

This should work ALL future GingerBread builds that don't have the issue resolved(ie 2.3.5)

Please give credit if you include this mod in any ROM or project.
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