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jholtom said:
Hi, All,

I got it working for screen off only

The changes are in framework-res.apk

Attached is the apk for Prime 2.0.4 ONLY!

To Use:
remove the unsigned- part from the name and use root explorer or adb push to put it in system/framework/
and then reboot!

To do this mod to another rom:

Decompile using apktool or apkmanager (which utilizes apktool) and then...

find bools.xml in res/values of a decompiled framework-res and then find this line
<bool name="config_animateScreenLights">true</bool>
and change the true to false

save and recompile and push or use root explorer to apply the new file
View attachment 6700
This was reposted from XDA-Developers, if you want to see the thread or thank jholtom I had nothing to do with the making of this mod, it was all jholtom's work


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