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First off, I don't take credit for this. Thanks to Andy Thomson from (Rimmer1966 on xda) for showing me the correct edits to make. Any input is appreciated and welcome. Feel free to mirror and use as you wish.

This allows you to use your volume rocker to skip music tracks while screen is locked. Short presses change volume levels respectively and long presses change music tracks. Works with MIUI music and Pandora. I haven't tested on anything else. Also contains the 4-way reboot option.

By downloading, you agree to use this at your own risk. Not responsible for anything that happens to your phone...blah blah blah, you know the rest.


-Copy the zip to your SD card.

-Boot into recovery

-flash the correct Volume Mod for your MIUI version

-Might not need to, but wipe dalvik


-Under Settings > System > Button - Make sure that the program you want to use the mod for is assigned for "Lockscreen Music Controls"


[STRIKE]Updated - 08/11/2011

-Still have to mount /system but 4-way reboot is fixed![/STRIKE]

Update - 08/11/2011 #2

-Fixed the issue with mounting /system. Everything is golden now and will update with MIUI releases progressively.

Update - 8/14/2011

-Mod for MIUI 1.8.12 Released

Update - 8/17/2011

-Fixed boot menu on 1.8.12

Update - 8/27/2011

-Mod for MIUI 1.8.26 Released

Update - 9/3/2011

-Updated for 1.9.2

Update - 9/12/2011

-Updated for 1.9.9

Update - 9/17/2011

-Updated for 1.9.16

Update - 10/8/2011

-Updated for 1.9.30 (Read edited instructions if you have issues with the mod not working.

Update - 10/10/2011

-Added download for 1.10.7 release to download links.

Update - 10/18/2011

-Added download link for MIUI 1.10.14

Update - 11/12/2011

-Updated for latest MIUI release for Shift - 1.11.4

Update - 11/18/2011

-Updated for latest MIUI release for Shift - 1.11.18


Release for MIUI 1.9.30

Release for MIUI 1.10.7

Release for MIUI 1.10.14

Release for MIUI 1.11.4

Release for MIUI 1.11.18

~I'm here to duckhunt tickertape visions and pick apart the pixels.~

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Ill be updating this mod every week to coincide with the weekly releases of MIUI ports for the Shift. That is, assuming family isn't requiring my undivided attention. If I forget just let me know via pm or post. Keeping this updated on multiple sites, so I may neglect one site or the other.

~Im here to duckhunt tickertape visions and pick apart the pixels~
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