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Before we get started, here's the usual.... I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone. Period. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Just a heads up, This modification cannot be restored through a nandroid backup. This is a more permanent change. If you need to restore to the original splash for warranty purposes you can find the original available for download with the others. Just flash it like the others and you're done.

Requirements to Flash Through Fastboot:
Rooted MT4G/G2
ADB and Fastboot
Engineering HBOOT!!!! (This is important! You need the ability to flash with fastboot in order to use this! If you don't know what fastboot is I would not recommend doing this! Fastboot can be risky)

Just unzip the contents of the zip file to the tools folder of your AndroidSDK (or wherever you have fastboot installed).
Plug your phone into the computer (Debugging enabled of course)
Open a command window
adb devices
to make sure your computer recognizes the device
cd (change directory) to the folder where you have fastboot and the splash screen .img
adb reboot bootloader
Your screen should say fastboot, not Hboot. If it says Hboot, manually select fastboot.
Once in the fastboot bootloader type
 fastboot devices
to make sure your computer recognizes the device
fastboot flash splash1 nameOfYourSplash.img
It will say okay twice
Then type
fastboot reboot
You should see your new splash screen.

Requirements to Flash Through Terminal Emulator:
Rooted with S=OFF
Terminal Emulator

Rename your img file to custom.img
Open Terminal Emulator on your phone and type
this will give you a # prompt
Then type this exactly as it appears and hit enter. Make sure there aren't any mistakes!!!
dd if=/mnt/sdcard/custom.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p19
It should show you that the file has transferred. You can now back out of the Terminal Emulator and reboot your phone to see the new splash screen.

Thanks goes to:
Reukiodo over at XDA for his thread about creating and installing splash screens on the G2.
The "Apple Killer" splash screens were made by JSZESZE over at XDA for the Evo 4G and was kind enough to let me edit and post them for our myTouch.
TrueBlue_Drew from XDA for the Terminal Emulator method and being a great help to the community at XDA.

Link to original thread:

Download Links:
All these zip files have multiple splash screens included.

Apple Killers



Pink without Android

Pink with Android (as shown in picture)

Original Style with black background

Original Splash Screen
(in case you need to restore to stock)


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