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Hey guys,

I have done some editing and put together a color battery mod. You can download the PNGs images or you can download the battery Mod zip.

Directions for downloading the PNGs:
- Open the zip of whatever theme you are using, or mod if you do not have a theme.
- Find the SystemUI.apk (Check system-app) and open it up.
- Inside of that go to -- res - drawable-xhdpi
- In there you will insert all of the PNG images I have provided replacing the images inside of that folder.
- Now reflash your theme (I would recommend wiping the dalvik cache).
- Should be good to go

If you do not have a 1% battery mod (meaning xml capable of reading all 1-100 images), then your phone will only show about 12 of the images I provided.

My phone has the Black Exodus theme running on it which you can download here.

What I am saying is that I modified the PNG images a little bit in the battery mod zip (inside the SystemUI.apk) to look more compatible with the exodus theme. Some differences you will see if you flash are the signal will be white instead of blue, and other small things that will be white instead of blue. Only small things, it will not make your entire phone white. Downloading Exodus with this battery mod will do that. I also inserted a softkey mod reflection. Also, the softkey glow color will have a colorful effect now. Check the links below.

I am fairly new to this, so if I missed anything, I would appreciate anyone helping me out and adding anything needed. Thanks guys. Hope you enjoy.

Screen shot of phone with home key glow being pressed (was hard to time haha):

Battery PNG Images:

Battery MOD for AOKP21 w/ color softkey glow:

If you liked the phone screenshot, here is the app drawer icon I used. I feel like it fits pretty well.

Well guys I hope everything works and you enjoy. Let me know how it goes.

- Gunderwear


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