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[MOD] Powerboost v2.0 [PLEASE READ ENTIRE OP]

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PB 2.0 is now LIVE!

Please take time to read entire OP. Utilizes new install method and new method for running script

Huge Credit goes out to all these awesome people for helping me develop, test, and get this to where it is today. If i missed anyone please let me know!
<br />
JRummy16<br />
Droid Th3ory<br />
Razorloves<br />
fakiesk8r<br />
brentblend<br />
shane269<br />
iluvamk<br />
blacksantron<br />
blackadept<br />
mcansh.logan<br />
rooster<br />
synik4l<br />
shane norwood<br />
dbond306<br />
barracuda cm<br />
D3MONYK<br />
There is many more just let me know!
Pre-Reqs to able to Run Script successfully:
<br />
*Run restore script if running previous versions of Powerboost.(or reflash ROM)<br />
Thats it<br />
Installation Instructions
<br />
1) Download<br />
2) Flash in clockwork recovery.<br />
3) Open up terminal emulator and type the following:<br />
[CODE]<br />
su (enter)<br />
buysbox mount -o remount,rw /system (enter)<br />
busybox chmod 755 /system/xbin/powerboost (enter)<br />
powerboost (enter)<br />
4) Download JRummy16's Busybox Installer when prompted(Unless you are have it installed)
****The script will type everything for you--Just pick what version you want(Free or PRO)
****Busybox v1.19.0.git.adrynalyne is REQUIRED!****
5) Once back in Terminal, run option 1 to create backup directory
6) Follow the rest of the prompts as directed
7) Enjoy!

MODS Description
<br />
[U]Build.Prop edits[/U]<br />
These are edits made to the build.prop that I have changed to increase performance, battery life, and data speeds.  <br />
<br />
[U]Cron[/U]<br />
Cron is a popular time based job scheduler on Unix/Linux, and is super useful as you can virtually run any command or script periodically at certain times or dates.<br />
---For this script I have cron erasing vm caches twice daily, at 2am and 2pm.<br />
<br />
[U]SD card speed increases[/U]<br />
--increases speed of sdcard reads<br />
[U]<br />
Sysctl tweaks[/U]<br />
Edits to the sysctl.conf file in /system/etc/ These tweaks are for performance to allow device to run better.<br />
<br />
[U]File System Speed increases[/U]<br />
Same as SD but for file systems<br />
<br />
[U]Swap(if device supports)[/U]<br />
Swap moves inactive processes into virtual memory, allowing the device to not become laggy or slow down.<br />
<br />
[U]Dirty Battery Calibration[/U]<br />
[B](Mod by Droid Th3ory)[/B]<br />
This mod sets the level when the phone is rebooted the first time after you run option 3. It sets the battery level reported by the OS and creates the battstats.bin file.  This in laymans terms means that it wipes the battstats.bin file for you and calibrates it to what the current battery level is and adjusts according to that, thus eliminating the need to actually manually wiping battstats.bin and calibrating it yourself. :)<br />
Powerboost Conservative CPU Governor Information:

From Kernel Documentation:
The CPUfreq governor "conservative", much like the "ondemand" governor, sets the CPU depending on the current usage. It differs in behaviour in that it gracefully increases and decreases the CPU speed rather than jumping to max speed the moment there is any load on the CPU. This behaviour is more suitable in a battery powered environment.

However, this gov is changed from your normal conservative governor. The changes are:
* Down Threshold changed to 40%--Steps down the CPU if usage is below 40%
*Ignore Nice Load is set to 1--ignore usage of not so important tasks
*Sampling rate changed to 160000--makes cpu change decision more frequent than default conservative
*Freq Step is set to 16-- CPU stepping will take place in 16% increments, thus allowing faster up-step of cpu levels, and quicker down-step of cpu levels=better battery life

The modifications are designed to increase battery life by allowing more emphasis on keeping cpu level down and allowing it to go back to min level quicker.




Mirror 1 (provided by iluvamk)

Here is a video installation guide done by DroidModderX. (Changed terminal emulator commands res is the same)
BIG thanks to him for this.

For those of you on an untested rom, all options are available to yu except for Option 2(unthrottle), and if you would like added support please sendthe services.jar file located in /system/framework/ to me via pm or email/gtalk: [email protected]

Current Bugs:
Mobile Network Settings will FC.
Battery Icon in Status Bar Disappears for some users(Only seen in MIUI-but top bar works)

My initial plan to include fixes will be along the method of patches to be flashed in cwr hopefully, with 2.0.1 including the first one and so on...once all bugs are fixed or the vast majority of them I will see if including an update script that will auto boot into cwr and flash the patch for you.

[I]Changelog:[/I]<br />
10.10.11 <br />
MAJOR Overhaul of entire script. <br />
#Check for busybox and installs correct version. <br />
#Added support of ;<br />
   *OG DROID MIUI<br />
   *NS4G MIUI, CM7, and Oxygen 2.3 ROM<br />
   *EVO 4G Kingdom rewind 3d rom support<br />
   *DROID BIONIC [R3]BLURR3D v1.7 PBX support (Its already baked in that ROM :wink2:)<br />
   *Droid X CM7 9.15, 9.29 build support, and MIUI GB support <br />
   *Vortex ROM support(v2.0 and up)<br />
   *Liberty ROM support(v0.8)<br />
   *ICX 605 ROM support<br />
   *Liquid 3.0 support<br />
   *DROID X2 Eclipse v1.0 support<br />
#checks throughout unthrottle process to make sure directories are in place <br />
#Functional restore script that completely deletes all powerboost mods <br />
#checktweaks script to make sure they installed correctly. <br />
#Brand NEW interface for script.<br />
#Much easier initial set-up process and much easier install process; no more need for Script Manager <br />
#All scripts[unthrottle, checkmods, restore, mods] included in ONE script for added ease of use<br />
#Allows users to pick DEVICE, ROM, and NIGHTLY/VERSION[if applicable]<br />
#More tweaks <br />
9.27.11<br />
v1.9 abandoned. v1.95 in the works.major changes to be included.<br />
8.30.11<br />
Finally got script to cooperate with new updates. Cron, sysctl, sdcard speeds, file system tweaks, and more.  New project home linked to google code.  Succesfully tested on roms. <br />
8.21.11<br />
-Correct process of replacing classes.dex corrected by swapping out entire services.jar file. Script edited. <br />
8.19.11<br />
-Script optimized for increased speed and stability by including WORKING build.prop edits that are compatible with MIUI. <br />
8.18.11<br />
-Script Written and executable. Strips services.jar of all throttling files.

Please consider donating to my broke college student fund if you like my work. Any amount is appreciated. :)

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I just tried V2.0 ON Dx2 and Liberty dx2 test build. I'm getting error and won't install. I see you have support for Liberty v0.8. But this script might not work on Liberty dx2 test build yet. I don't know just thought I would let you know, I've tried it. But I'm new to the dx2 I've had a dx and just got new dx2 and I might be doing something wrong if u can help I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your Mobile freedom support. SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS AND DEVS TODAY!

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"BMc08GT said:
Error in clockwork when flashing? Did someone post that they got it working?
Yeah I have tried clockworkmod and the New Droid x2 recovery option. On the Droid x2 recovery option works but still can't get the script to install. Maybe kejar had them built into the new build of dx2. Thanks for the help though.

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"DroidSales said:
This doesn't flash. I installed with script manager; OP has directions for loading this with terminal emulator.

**edit** I stand corrected. That's what I get for commenting after smoking lol
How did you install the script? I Need help with it and, I can listen and follow directions pretty good. Thanks in the future for your help.

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