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Heres a safe way to change you main "SAMSUNG" startup screen to your own custom image with out using param.lfs here's every thing you need - rooted phone...

1. 480 x 800 JPG image, use google image 480 x 800 settings or make your own in paint , keep the size under 100kb, open the image and save it in paint to be sure its formatted properly.

2. name the image "Iogo.jpg"/Capital ("i"ogo") and copy it to /mnt/.lfs (use ES file explorer -settings "root explorer") or something like that / absolute system works

you can use the odin file or the clockwork zip, if using the zip just it apply after step two.

3. open odin and remove battery and put the phone into download mode(plug in the USB cable then hold volume down)

4. after the phone shows up in the COM section flash "Mod_ED05_SBL_boot.tar"

5. remove USB cable, put your battery in, power up, and you good to go.


CWMod zip

ODIN tar Mod_ED05_SBL_boot.tar




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I created a folder under "Phone" with ES File Explorer in the mnt folder called .lfs and moved the image in there (it is saved as (capital i) ogo.jpg

I ODIN, didn't work

so I flashed

didn't work.

still have scribbled lines
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