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Since I was sick today I decided to kick froyo around a bit more. This mod comes with 9 lockscreens as well as the power menu and clock options. Flash through recovery just like any other mod. This will only work on deodexed KB5. Also, if you are using TouchWiz 4 this can be flashed over that as well.

What's Included

9 Lockscreens!
~ 4-Tab (default)
~ Rotary
~ Puzzle
~ Glass
~ Epic
~ Star Wars
~ SGSII (word)
Clock Options
~ Hide Clock
~ Hide AM/PM
Additional Mods
~ 'H' Mod
~ Killed battery full pop-up

DOWNLOAD <<<<< 9 Lockscreens

Music Controls Explanation
~ SGSII, Epic, Puzzle and Glass controls work ONLY with the stock TouchWiz music player
~ Miui, 4-Tab, AOSP, Rotary and Star Wars controls work with pretty much every music player EXCEPT the stock TouchWiz music player

~ Cool Feature! - Double tapping the lock on the Miui lockscreen will bring up the music controls

Known Issues

~ Lockscreen is fully functional. Missed call and text notifications work. The music controls work as well but ONLY with the stock Samsung music player.
~ The text on the missed noti's sliders turns black and shrinks small when they connect. THIS IS NORMAL, IT'S SUPPOSE TO DO THIS. As a result of changes made to the smali, the sliders on 4-Tab, AOSP and Star Wars does the same thing.
~ If you touch where the missed noti sliders are when they are not present you will still feel a tiny vibration as though you touched one of the sliders. This however has no ill effect what-so-ever on functionality.
~ LOCKSCREEN WALLPAPERS WORK! You can set a custom wallpaper for the SGSII lockscreen by creating a folder on your internal sdcard "lockscreen_wallpaper" and then saving a JPG image as "edt_wallpaper.jpg" inside it. There are a few things to be aware of though. The wallpaper is not centered. It goes from the left most side of the image. So if you want a specific part of a wallpaper you will need to crop it in Gallery first. Also, if you mount your sdcards to your computer it will revert to the default wallpaper until you unmount. It will also not show up on reboot until media scanner has finished scanning. If you want to revert to the default wallpaper permanently, just simply delete the "edt_wallpaper.jpg" image in the /sdcard/lockscreen_wallpaper folder. ENJOY!!!!!!!

<br />
6/7/2011<br />
~ Fixed FC on 4-Tab and Miui (sorry!)<br />
<br />
6/6/2011<br />
~ Added SGSII lockscreen!<br />
<br />
5/24/2011<br />
~ Miui music controls fixed! All buttons work exactly as they should<br />
~ Added music controls to AOSP, Rotary and Star Wars lockscreens<br />
~ Fixed puzzle unlock text<br />
<br />
5/18/2011<br />
~ Fixed phone handle FC on missed call [Miui]<br />
~ Fixed sms/mms error that ran in the background [Miui]<br />
<br />
5/14/2011<br />
~ Added Miui Lockscreen!<br />
<br />
5/13/2011<br />
~ Initial release [new 4-Tab lockscreen!]<br />
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