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I've been slowly putting this together so I thought I'd upload it for the other people that are on stock while waiting for CM10 and AOKP to be ironed out. This has lidroids quicksettings that were ported by wanam. The original quicksettings icons were kind of sketchy so I ported the CM10 ones over and made reboot and standbye ones. The screen timeout icons are replaced by circles I made because I couldn't find any good ones and I wasn't satisfied with any I made.

To install
*requires a deodexed ROM
*flash in CWM

Thanks to
*electron73 at XDA

*911 location icon removed
*customizable quicksettings
*carrier label, date, "no notifications", and "ongoing notifications" font all changed to white
*brigtness bar with white icon
*changed settings icon
*CM7 style battery icon
*ICS blue signal bars and in and out arrows when active
*removed AM/PM
*aligned and centered everything
*currently no charging indicator icon

1 - 2 of 2 Posts