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The Configurator 2.5 Sense/AOSP**

The easiest way to configure your device !!

Works on aosp except a few sysctl settings.

These settings will be there even after a reboot, and it can be turned off via the script.


* Set CPU Governor (This lets you change you cpu governor, it displays what governors are available)

* Set Max CPU Frequency (This allows you to overclock your cpu if your kernel can do that)

* Set Min CPU Frequency (Minimum cpu frequency)

* Undervolt CPU (Thanks Viperboy) Your kernel must support this feature, tiamat,and ziggy kernels do i know

* Sick Tweaks (See notes below)

* Enable/Disable Virtuous OC (Obvious turns virtuous oc on and off)

* Configure Virtuous OC (Set governor and cpu frequencies for awake and sleep)

* Turn Off CPU Configurator (Turns everything off)

* Adjust LCD Capacitive Buttons Brightness (Allows you to dim and brighten the buttons on the phone)

* Optimize Mounts (Mounts /system /data /cache using ext4 settings, speeds up read/write speeds)

* Enable/Disable SD Read Ahead (Speeds up sdcard read/write)

* Backup Apps (Backs up apps to sdcard)

* Restore Apps (Restores backed up apps)

* Backup Configurator Settigs (Backs up configurator and virtuous settings to sdcard)

* Restore Configurator Settings (Restores backed up configurator and virtuous settings)

* Enable/Disable Cleanup (Clears dalvik, cache, sdcard/trash and sdcard/LOST.DIR on boot)

* Set I/O Scheduler (Changes your i/o scheduler see notes below)

Open Terminal<br />
<br />
Type "su"<br />
<br />
Type "cc"<br />
<br />
Both without the quotes
Turning this off requires a reboot to return the settings back to normal, it can be rebooted from this script.

Settings are remembered so they will be on after a reboot too. No need to set them again after rebooting.

See Post #2 for Changelog

Post ideas for stuff you'd like to see added or any problems/questions you may have.

Devs feel free to add into your roms, just give credit.


Sick Tweaks: These settings speed up the system dramatically. Improves responsiveness, speed, and genearally makes everything more snappy. It changes quite a few settings including tweaking the virtual machine, kernel, and filesystem. The settings can be found in post #2, it is a copy of the script. I can't explain each setting but if you are curious about one ask here or do what i did and look it up on google.

I/O Scheduler: This can speed up read and write on your device. each kernel has their own set of io schedulers but the script displays the ones in your kernel. You current io scheduler will have [ ] around it. To learn more about io schedulers check this out:

I use either sio or noop, seem to be the fastest

New to The Configurator?
Flash 2.5-Full, If you already have The Configurator flash 2.5-Update

Download - 943 KB

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