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"True" Xperia Theme for EagleBlood v105 Froyo

I personally feel the Gingerbread look is getting a little moldy, so here is a basic Xperia theme for EBv105 Froyo.
Install Instructions:
  • Make a nandroid backup (optional but highly recommended)
  • Flash using Clockwork Recovery
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy!
  • Themed Framework
  • Themed MMS
  • Themed Contacts
  • Themed Phone
  • Themed Calculator
  • Themed PowerWidget
  • Themed News & Weather
  • AppWidgetPicker
  • Xperia Font
Pictures 4 thru 7 attached

Download Link

With Green Horizantal Battery Mod

Download Link

My personal "PhishMonged" Xperia Theme for EagleBlood v105 Froyo

I also will post a customized framework that I assembled for my own use. Sorry, but no modifications for this one......just sharing
It is based off the Xperia theme with a ton of modifications.
Pictures 1 thru 3 attached

Download Link

With Green Sense Battery Mod

Download Link


Accurate Battery Mods for EB105 Froyo

These are a few basic Battery Mods made from EagleBlood V105 Froyo. Although they were specifically created for that build, some testers have reported it working on other 2.2.2-based builds (aka anything using the LG stock Froyo as a base). This mod replaces the entire framework-res.apk file, so you will loss any previous theming.

  • webstar1 for UltimateG2x ROM (Pulled a lot of gfx from it)
  • Online Theme Kitchen (UOT) from providing an AWESOME image database, even if its cracks out every once and a while.
  • @JaiThemes for providing dedicated hosting for themers such as myself, and for his work on UncutAndroid :cool:
  • Doniqcc and the rest of Team Shockwave team for a great base build to work with.
  • @HTCClay, @anderwebs, and @JAguirre1231 for their assistance tracking down the "white menu" bug.
  • No thanks to all you devs who still reference mdpi folders on an hdpi device. You make my head hurt


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