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in case you'd like to mod it yourself on most ROMs, without a flashable zip (if one isn't made specifically for each release of these ROMs), do this.

using root explorer:
mount RW
navigate to: /system/usr/keylayout
then open both "mecha-keypad-v0.kl" and "mecha-keypad.kl" in a text editor (long press file>text editor)
then, in "mecha-keypad-v0.kl", delete the word "WAKE" from keys 114 & 115, hit menu>save&exit
then, in "mecha-keypad.kl", delete the word "WAKE" from keys 115 & 114, hit menu>save & exit

a backup of the original files will be made, so you can always revert.

reboot the phone for changes to take effect.
hope this helps
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